At Work: The New Silence Unnerves Me

A SUBWAY Club 6" sandwich.

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Yesterday I went into the office – as you know I work out of my home office (kitchen table) most of the time. But duty calls, and on this occasion excitingly it was to pick up my new (about time too) laptop.

There have been some significant layout changes in the office that have seen my spacious window seat (with extra leg room), being replaced with a desk in the middle of the room at the T junction of a major walkway, facing lots of unnervingly quiet software support guys. My work station, should you wish to term it that, is about as public as it gets. I shouldn’t moan cause I’m not a permanent office resident, but I will anyway…

Unnerving silence
I have my back to the gaggle that I usually enjoy a good bit of unpolitically correct, dirty minded banter with. The silence around me really does unsettle me. I can’t get away with talking endlessly away to myself without only my closest desk buddy knowing. And he’s used to it now (I think).

Onto the events of the day. I’d got myself all set up and a call came in from one of the most tenacious advertising sales guys out. I was in no mood for him to preach that he knew my marketing objectives and target audience better than I! I started off patient, but was soon starting to get to the end of my tether.

All the time I was conscious that the whole room could hear me. Finally I got short and gave him an ultimatum, to send me an email. I slammed the phone down and blurted out forgetting my new office companions and exclaimed rather too loud “f£&!ing hell, some people”. Immediately I felt guilty and muttered a meek apology of swearing too loud, but then continued to have a moan to my colleague about the sheer audacity of the said individual from a transport publication I shall not name. Later I realised he had forgotten to take my email address, ha ha!

Lunch mistake
I’d concluded that sitting at my desk to gobble down my delivered sandwich was not an option, and besides I needed some fresh air because:

a) I felt a bit crappy and…
b) I needed to get out the room, all my pals had gone off to lunch so there wouldn’t be any banter to hang around for either.

So off I toddled to walk around the business park and eat my beef and salad, soaked in mayo Subway roll. I’d decided as it was so cold, to eat on the go, rather than sit down and get frostbite. All was well until I looked down and saw that the mayo had gone rogue, and had made a delightful pattern all the way down the front of my (used to be) smart black coat. How long had I been walking along in this state? I got on cleaned it up and merrily went on my way, pondering how much I love my home office. Until I discovered that my clean up operation had been half-cocked, more mayo. Where were the babywipes when I needed them? Grrr.

Its training honest
I returned from my 15 minute messy sandwich eating walk and decided that I would take advantage of the high bandwidth in the office and download a load of videos and PPTs on blogging from a recent virtual conference I’ve signed up to not attend (it would involve me getting up at midnight to participate live). Once downloaded it gives you the option to open the file, which I did – to my peril. The sound was turned up loud on my new laptop and proceeded to boom out over the office.

GLARES from everywhere (my pals were still at lunch, they wouldn’t have scorned). I apologised again (come on you spineless woman) and announced that “its ok, its training” – how lame does that sound? But it was true. Problem was, someone thought I said “its ok its Tony” and then asked me who Tony was. Arghhhhhh! Do I sounds that nasally at the moment?

Homeward bound
I was glad the child minder needed me to pick babe up at her usual time, rather than later as I’d orginally asked (so I could have a longer day in the office). I then enjoyed a nice ride home listening to the radio and pondering about life. I’d just picked babe up, was putting her in the car, when she announced “Poo poo”. I asked her to wait till we got home, just five minutes away. I fastened her securely in the car seat and then discovered that no amount of waiting was going to make a blind bit of difference, the deed had been done. Arghhh..pooy pants!

I’m glad to be working from my home office today, where I can mutter and cutter away to myself without a care in the world. Where I can play training movies as loud as I like. And where I can use a plate to eat my sarni off and only have to worry about the birds outside watching me drop that cucumber from the corner of my mouth.


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