Babe gets in a ‘mummy must suffer mood’

Babe has been totally adorable the last week, but this morning didn’t go so smoothly. Highlights: taking forever for her to get dressed and watching Rabbit spin around in the washing machine for 15 minutes.

My toddler of 2yrs 2 months in the relative world of toddlers has been a delight within the last week. This morning we had a little glitch.

I went upstairs at just gone 8am to wake babe and found her at the top of the stairs in her sleeping bag sat huddled over looking rather sorry for herself. I wondered, how long had she been sat there without calling out for me? Had she called out for me and I not heard downstairs while working? I immediately felt guilty, so scooped her up for a big mama hug and she started sobbing. Argh bless, my little baby.

This seemed to put her in a stroppy, ‘mummy must suffer mood’ all morning. It took me about an hour to persuade to her the merits of changing out of her nightgown into her T shirt, trousers and jumper. It was still a half battle in the end.

Then it came to putting Rabbit in the washing machine. OMG, that thing is so dirty. And it sleeps in my bed with babe and me – yuk!

I had tried the gentle explanation approach but was running out of patience. I wanted to get the washing machine on. So I just grabbed Rabbit, shoved her in the machine, wacked the door shut and turned it on.

I knew this would not go down well, but I didn’t anticipate having to sit in front of the washing machine for 15 minutes to watch Rabbit go round and around, and around…

Just as we left to go to the childminders her mood picked up, hmm bad timing babe, bad timing.


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