OK I give in: toddler gets a make-over

New coat, new shoes and new hair cut

Ever go along to the shoe shop to have your child’s feet measured and realise that their feet have now grown into huge pig trotters? Mmm, this was me at the weekend. I was riddled with guilt.

Saturday turned out to be a proper treat day for babe. It started off with her first hair cut. We went all-out and paid for the ‘first hair cut experience’ at the children’s hair dressers in town. It was OK, but a tad over priced for a trim – I think hubby was expecting the lady to be able to do a real make-over on the straggly mullet. But bless her, babe has still a lot of catching up to do, and there is only so much you can do with curly scrag-ends.

New Shoes
Then it was off to Clarks to get the trotters measured. Her shoes had not felt particularly tight and there had been no complaints, but still there was something niggling away telling us to get them checked out. And it turns out that her feet had jumped from a size 5.5 to a 7. I felt sooo guilty. Apparently the leather on her old shoes was quite stretchy so won’t have caused any damage. But I still felt like a really bad mother. Lucky for us, she has narrow feet so only one pair was suitable – and that was the first pair we tried on.

Babe remained a little reluctant to put away her old shoes, but the flashing lights on the new pair soon convinced her of their superiority. Yes I know, I’ve succumbed to letting my child have flashing lights on her shoes. I hear that if you immerse them in water they cease to work though, so it’s not for ever (or even the short life time of the shoe).

New Coat
The next stop was to buy a new water proof (or at least resistant) coat. A suitable item was spotted so babe tried it on. We also found an alternative, but babe was not impressed. She refused point blank to try on the yellow sowester type thing. We also attempted to get her into the 3-4 year old coat (to potentially get another year out of it), but she was not going to fall for that one.

“What! My cheap-scape parents are thinking about not buying me a new coat in a year’s time? Well I’m having none of it.” 

Well she struggles to put two words together, let alone a long sentence like that – but I KNOW that’s what she was thinking!

Even after a wrestle on the floor, I knew that defeat was not going to be worth it. Besides the pink 2-3 year old coat was perfect. The decision was made, I yanked off the label, paid and babe was soon to be proudly walking down the street in her new coat and new shoes.

…the very coat and shoes she has worn ALL weekend – except for in the bath and bed. Yes, I do have SOME boundaries you know 😉


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