Like water off a ducks back – overused warnings of parental caution

I’m going to touch on this briefly, maybe it will spark off some debate – and then again maybe not.

Personally I’m not a big fan of over cautious parenting, I believe in the importance of letting your child learn (within reason) from their own mistakes and experiences. I’m not a big fan of repeated statements like “be careful” and “slow down” unless they are really needed.

If my child is as bloody minded as me, these statements quickly wear thin and become meaningless. Yes, I do exercise caution, but when I do vocalise warnings I want them to be listened to and taken seriously.

The other day babe was running along quite fast, and I let her. Yes I knew there was a risk of her stumbling and falling, but she knows that too. And she knew it even better a minute later when she did fall over. I was not hoping for that outcome, but yet at the same time, I know its part of growing up and learning consequences. Someone I know told me that they would have told her to slow down…I don’t agree. If she was running down a hill full pelt and the risk of injury from a fall could have been serious, I would have got vocal. Instead she got a graze on the head, a bitten tongue, grubby clothes and a handful of tears.

Well I’m only on the start of my parenting journey, and I’d like to think I’m not one to make judgements (but I do, we all do). And I do wonder, sometimes why some kids don’t listen to their parents – is this something contributing to that?


One thought on “Like water off a ducks back – overused warnings of parental caution

  1. Barbs says:

    I agree, wrapping kids in cotton wool is not always the best answer… some things just have to be learnt the hard way for them to sustain any meaning. I read an article inThe Times weekend supplement a few months ago (pssibly late summer…) and it had a huge list of things thar kids of certain ages should be allowed (even actively encouraged) to do as it improves development socially, mentally and physically. I can remember climbing trees was one, but there were loads all rated according to age appropriateness. I learnt a lot from a bloody knee or two!

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