eBay Adrenalin Buzz

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There is something about the thrill of the final 10 minutes of bidding on an eBay item that could make it totally addictive, wether you’re a seller or buyer. I’ll confess to getting a real buzz from those final few moments of frantic bidding, even if it is only an item that I pay £3.39 for – what a bargain!

Even better if I’m selling an expensive item and the bids jump up by £10 everytime you refresh your page!

The adrenalin is amazing, talk about a cheap thrill. Guess it’s not always so cheap if you get carried away. Think there might be a message in that statement somewhere 😉

The other night just before bed I snuggled up with my iPhone to watch the final 9 minutes 37 seconds pass by on a brand new top that I had the winning bid on at £2.20. I’d been gazumped only a few days earlier in the last 10 seconds on a skirt I really liked. The bitches weren’t gonna catch me out this time! Some one tried, the cow, but I held back to the final few seconds to reclaim the winning position. Woo hoo, MINE, all MINE. I went to sleep a happy lady basking in the glory of my bargain. And to my pleasure when it arrived it was fab too!

I wouldn’t have been without eBay for buying my washable nappies (not pre pooped it’s ok, they were new). And buying new clothes from shops I know are spot on with their sizing.

There’s no denying that I’ve made some mistakes too. What looks like it will make me look stylish in the picture has brandished me with chavy chick-et look in reality. Or it simply doesn’t fit!

What have been your most momentous eBay moments?


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