Old before her time – long book reading sessions on the toilet

Babe awaiting her book

Babe, now 2yrs and 2mths, has already discovered the joys of sitting on the toilet and reading a good book. She is way too old before her time, but sadly not old enough to do this in peaceful silence on her own. I’m usually ordered to take a seat upon her pink Peppa Pig step stool and then beconned back and forth to keep the reading matter fresh.

When there’s a BIG job to be done this gal ain’t gonna rush. She is determined to give it the time required. I am thankful in many ways, because she has got past the stage of doing the ‘poo dance’ accompanied by wailing and moaning for an hour prior to the BIG drop.

And we’ve got past the stage when she would only poo in mummies hand – read my post called ‘mama the poopey catcher’ for more details on that if you dare!

The timing is often the crapiest thing, as it’s often just as the dinner has been put on the table. Then hubby and I have to take turns to be on toilet duty as our food goes cold, or we eat rushed so the other half can come eat before my rotten food has conjealed and turned into one solid block.

Roll on the days when she can slope off to the toilet and keep herself occupied. This is a parental job I won’t be missing when she’s flown the nest!


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