We shouldnt be made to feel guilty about breastfeeding our toddlers

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A mother who breastfeeds her toddler understands that this does not come without mainstream critism and raised eye brows. And I’ll bet that for this very reason she’s pretty up to speed with all the scientific evidence of the benefits that support breastfeeding beyond a year.

I personally appreciate that many don’t know these facts, so it’s easy to think the practice is a bit odd, because its not widely adopted within Western society. But what I dislike the most is being made to feel guilty for not wanting to give it up. Almost like I’m being accused of being selfish and wanting to force my child into continuing to nurse.

I don’t want to give up nursing my toddler it’s true. I cherish that special quiet time we have together.

But more importantly I want her to make the choice as to when SHE is ready. Not me, not family, not observers and not uninformed medical professionals. Luckily I have had no problems with the later, in fact my own family doctor is totally supportive and delightful about it. But I know mums who have had issues.

If you’re are a skeptic, I ask that if it really bothers you maybe you’d like to dig up the scientific research and see if you still then disagree?

If you are curious, please be kind with your words of enquiry and do not be acusing.

If you are a supporter, please by vocal but not patronising.

Above all please respect a mothers decision to make her own choices as to what she feel is right for her child. Respect the differences and respct the boundaries.


2 thoughts on “We shouldnt be made to feel guilty about breastfeeding our toddlers

  1. Saisquoi says:

    Thank you for this. I was amazed at how quickly things went from supportive to condemning regarding our continued breastfeeding when she turned two. Apparently that was the magic number and I should have just cut her off.

    Let me tell you how well that would have gone over. For both of us.

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