Avocado Baby at 16 weeks and Baby Shopping

Aguacate / Avocado

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Today I hit four months (16 weeks) pregnant – that means there are just six more months to go. I have mixed feelings about whether that sounds like a long time or not. 

Baby Centre tells me that baby is now the size of an Avocado – about 12cms long. Apparently it is going to be an intensive month of growing ahead as baby doubles in size, so I can look forward to unexpectedly scraping my belly even more on furniture and door frames.

Avocado Baby Book
The fact that baby is now the size of an avocado reminds me of a book I read when I was a little girl – funnily enough it was called ‘Avocado Baby’ link to buy it from Amazon here

Being highly impressionable and gullible, I took this book as mantra – the way to lead my life. Eat avocados and get big muscles. So you can tell I was no girly girl? I was a tree climbing, mud eating, scruffy little snot box. Being able to pick up a car was something I actually quite aspired to.  So I sent my mum out to buy me an avocado or two. Despite the fact that they tasted totally gross, I managed to convince myself that they were delicious. The wonders of mind over matter. Soon I was able to pick up the ironing board, wow – this was massive for me. After the ironing board, things didn’t get better, I tried picking up my mum’s pick-up truck (yep, that’s right we didn’t have a car, we had a truck), to no success. Soon my taste for avocados waned and the book was shelved.


So now I’m compiling my #2 baby shopping list and maybe hoping for some advice/tips

1)      Co-sleeper cot – any suggestions on the best ones on the market?

I’m not doing the crib this time around – I hated having to reach over the bars just to lay a hand on babe to comfort her. I also want something that is going to help with the nursing at night. Bed sharing is still under consideration, but I would like a fall-back place for baby to sleep – sometimes mama just wants her own space.

Moby Wrap - Available from Slumber Roo

2)      Babywearing wrap for baby – what’s best?

I’m tossing up between the Kari Me or Moby stretchy wraps right now. Any thoughts on these would be much appreciated. I only need something to tide me through the early months, as we already have a BabyHawk Mei Tai and an Ergo Baby soft carrier.

3)      Swaddling blanket or not?            

Last time we didn’t have one of these, but babe did quite like being swaddled in her blanket. We hence spent a lot of time re-swaddling all the time. It was a hassle we could have done without to be honest. What’s your experience of using these?

Aside from the basics that we already have like a car seat, buggy, sleeping bags etc – is there anything else you can suggest?


Toddler Babble Speak

First off, I’m a bit in a tiss about writing this post. I’d drafted it while nursing babe to sleep on my iPhone, but for some stupid dumb reason it didn’t save – maybe it was the dumb operator I dunno. So I’m doing something that no doubt you will be all too familiar with, re typing up my thoughts again. Hopefully this time around, it will be some much more eloquently and entertainingly crafted – but somehow I doubt it (I have this underlying resentment for the topic already).

Onto the topic in hand…toddler babble speak

For me babe has reached a milestone, in my book she has graduated to being a real little person. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think she was some inferior being before hand, but now she can communicate in mini sentences, we can see the real minky spalinky in her. It’s true she has the tenacity of her mother and the mischievousness of her farther – ooo noo, is this such a great mix?

When your child says “mummy naughty”, something has changed. A level of maturity has been reached. But I must admit, it’s largely “daddy naughty”, because daddy is one big tease – it’s going to come back to bite him on the ass sometime soon I know 😉

The short sentences we can understand, the longer babbly ones we kind of get the gist of. And I’ve got to say it’s hilarious – witnessing her real thoughts coming out and tangibly seeing how much she has grasped. In fact at times it’s totally scary. Talk about a sponge!

It’s always sunny yellow in babe’s life
Colour recognition and vocalisation is something else very new to babe. She is coming along, although largely everything is yellow. I think all the yellow daffodils around at the moment have just stuck in her mind. Not a bad colour to choose in my book. But we are working hard to expand her repertoire.

So far we have not had any major embarrassments as a result of her developing speech, but I know its coming soon. How about preparing me for the worst? What’s your most embarrassing toddler talking story?

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15 Weeks Pregnant Exhausted and Moaning

Woman pregnancy month by month.

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So there I was last week rejoicing the departure of the first trimester and looking forward to the blooming energetic stage of trimester two, it seems I spoke to soon. Yes I admit; I enjoyed a nice week of lots of energy, albeit with a touch of back ache – but that was not going to dampen my spirits.

Then this week – week 15 hits me like a big old sledge-hammer
When the midwife told me things should be simpler second time around, I took this for easier. Erm WRONG, so far wrong its untrue – or maybe it’s just that the memory from my first pregnancy nearly three years ago has faded to just leave the nice bits (apart from a very vivid recollection of throwing up on the roadside in Tuscany on our honeymoon from having eaten Pecorino cheese for breakfast).

Yes, I know that my life is a whole lot more demanding with a toddler around and that I’m bound to be much more tired and worn out from the whole experience, but not now – surely I should be bouncing off the walls, enjoying my lustrous lovely silky thick hair (no comment) and just ticking along nicely.

If you hadn’t figured out already, this is a moaning blog post…I need to wallow in my own self pity for just a few minutes and get it out of my system. I’d suggest that you click on another web page if you can’t tolerate anymore of the moaning mama…cause it ain’t gonna get better from here on in.

OK, so the nausea is MUCH better, but just as that starts to subsides, my back seems to think it’s time to remind me that it needs to be taken care of too. Not now, I have enough people/things to take care of! Back, you are supposed to look after yourself, be the solid backbone to my life – not return to your old pregnancy tricks.

I’ve just been so exhausted this week. Most days if I haven’t had even a short nap, I fail to be able to function properly. I can’t even blame it on a teething toddler, long working hours and or unsupportive hubby.

I’m also struggling to eat normal sized dinners, unlike last week. And I’m getting really breathy…puff puff puff… oh blimey give me a break I’ve had enough.

I recognise that perhaps I’m jumping the gun and expecting too much…just a few more weeks. Come on April – put a spring in my step.

Pregnancy Hormones – The Teary Type

Toy Story 3

Image by Jerrod Maruyama via Flickr

Beware, beware …a bought of the teary pregnant hormones can hit you at anytime. And it can come on all of a sudden, not necessarily just after a moment of frustration, anger or insecurity (but yes, these can also be a cause of the opening floodgates of a pregnancy tear attack). Or watching Eastenders, Country File the news or Toy Story 3…oh no just the thought could set me off. Get back, get back…I’m taking control.

Cough cough, where was I?

Oh yes, yes – I’m not a big crying type (as a rule), but I’m not a cold hearted unemotional biatch either. I’d like to thing that I strike a nice happy medium (usually).

But when I’m pregnant it’s different, the blotchy big bug eyed beast from within rears its ugly head and claims not just my body but emotions – and it doesn’t give a damn about where I am or the timing. If only it was predictable like during full moon – although I do wonder if the super moon had something to do with my most recent incident.s 

The other day it was in the middle of a department store heading down the esculators. Good exposure timing, hmm thanks. Lucky hubby was beside me and managed to shield the transition that was taking place as morphed from a normal sane woman to someone fit for a jacket…one of the White ones on that have long straps…the straight type that are somewhat restrictive.

I was ushered to the furniture corner by my surprisingly sweet and supportive hubby and recommended to sit and rest. I sat blubbing my eyes out. And for what reason, honestly, nothing!! I had been feeling a little puffed out and tired a few minutes before, but nothing that I thougth I couldn’t take in my stride.

Then there was the time when I walked through the door of my Monday childminders sobbing my stupid little heart out – at just 7/8 weeks pregnant I had to confess that this was not my usual behaviour, that I  had a bun in the oven. It was the smallest thing that had set me off, but no matter how much I berated myself and shouted “pull yourself together woman…you weak weak woman” – those floodgates were not ready to shut.

So this is where I call upon you to make me feel normal and good about myself by sharing your embarassing teary pregnancy hormone attacks.

Pressures To Give Up Breastfeeding in First Six Months

Breastfeeding symbol

As discussions about having a newborn again in six months time go on, it reminds me of the pressures that society puts on mothers to give up breastfeeding before even the minimum recommended six months.

I’m not going to sugar coat the topic here, there is no denying that for a many the early months of breastfeeding are tough. Whether it’s first few day supply issues or the lack of social support, of even the dreaded mastitis.

What I resent the most is the general lack of society support, that immediately wants to offer mothers and fathers a short term easy fix. Honestly, there is no wonder so many switch to the bottle. And that’s not me looking down on you mums who do, I do appreciate some of the lengths you might have gone to to avoid this.

Do you intend on breastfeeding?
Erm, why the hell are people and medical professionals asking this? It should be a given. It’s MEDICALLY recommended duh?!

It’s much easier to bottle feed…some say
Honestly I’ve never done the bottle so I couldn’t talk from personal experience. If you’re not the strong maternal type and want to share the feeding load, I can see how that might be. For family who are desperate to be able to take care of baby, I can see how they might apply pressure. For me, I could wake up, nurse and drop straight back to sleep ( yes I love you beautiful chemical oxytocin). So it was easier. But it was right for me and more critically the best thing I could do for baby. This was me giving her the best start in life to fight diseases, develop healthily and have a healthy strong close bond with mummy.

You shouldn’t feel a failure if you can’t breastfeed
Ok so I know this is a tough one. Some mums who try so hard and don’t succeed are sometimes put on such a guilt trip, and that’s harsh. You don’t need that when your just getting to grips with being a mum. But for me, for arming me with this get out sympathy clause just made me more determined. I bought books ready for problem solving. I didn’t want to reach that hour of weakness and not know where to turn. And it helped. So did some of the helplines out there. I wish I had discovered the La Leche Legue earlier though, I have found them to be the best source of support and information.

Get some formula in just in case
Ok so this is being prepared, but surely it’s giving you an easy way out during those really tough moments? I did get some cartons of formula in, and everytime I saw them in the cupboard they made me dig my heels in further. I told you, I’m bloody minded (my poor hubby). But I wouldn’t recommend this at all. If you live within close reach of a 24 hour shop then there is no need. Get yourself some nice chocolate instead 😉

Oh all your baby does is feed
Yep, she’s a baby, she has a tiny belly. And get this, because my milk is so damn good it’s easier to digest than formula (this is a good thing BTW). It’s NORMAL for her to want to feed so frequently. Stop making me feel like a failure and let me do what’s medically the best I can do for my child! You can tell this was an issue for me, right? I felt like I was doing something so wrong because she wanted to feed every two hours. If my baby wants to feed every 30 minutes or less I now know that’s ok too.

What the health provider should have suggested was getting a sling that I could breastfeed in, that would mean I wasn’t chair bound. Why did no one mention this???

This time it’s gonna be different, this time I’m educated, this time I have my support network built and this time I know my own mind even more!

Other blog posts I’ve written on breastfeeding:

2Yr Old – Miss Independent

Despite the fact that I still ‘mummy’ my toddler a lot by breastfeeding and cosleeping etc, I’m really proud to tell you that in many other areas of her life she is becoming very much more independent. So anybody who thinks attachment parenting is just molly coddling and not good for a child might want to stick their thoughts where the sun don’t shine might want to think again. *Note to self: everyone deserves their own opinions on parenting.*

Independent Toilet Trips
Last night babe, who is 2yrs and 3mths, asked to go to the toilet for a wee. I was busy cleaning the kitchen and time was getting on, so I asked her to go upstairs to the toilet on her own and I would join her in a minute. So off she toddled squeaking “in a minute, in a minute”. Then hubby walked in through the door from his run and jumped to action stations to assist her – good man. It left me to get on with the dull and dirty task of cleaning the kitchen after feeding time (dinner).


The Monster Project

This morning, she asked again to go for a poo while I was in the middle of sticking paper to monster. This is the latest craft project, where babe gets involved for about 30 seconds and then mummy gets to finish it off for the next 15 minutes. This is not me taking the opportunity to moan about something else, in fact I’m loving the new project – much more so than she is. Monster is coming along very well now – just a bit more paper mache and then I (erm babe) can paint him.

Off tangent – yes, sorry. It was the poo call and I had glue on my hands and was having much too much fun. So again I asked her to go up to the loo on her own and do the business. She had already stated this was a poo, so I was not going to go leaving her beyond the minute to hump off the bog and smear #2 residues all over her nice clean clothes and my not so sparking clean bathroom. So despite my reluctance to leave the ‘monster’ project, I attended to her a minute or maybe two later. And there she was. She’d managed to put the seat on the toilet, pull up the stool and wiggle onto the seat – and she had produced. Who’s my girl! The amount of pride I had from this small task is immense. Maybe disproportional, but she’s my angel – not anyone else’s, I have the right (don’t I?)

Almost Getting Dressed
Babe is also making excellent progress on getting dressed on her own. The undressing bit is almost mastered apart from the T shirts over the head. The sticking point on getting dressed is getting knickers/pants on properly. She usually puts both her legs through one leg hole and ends up with everything bunched up around her waist, with nothing covering the nether regions. She then prances around so proud of her achievement and we…well we look on and snigger. Not the best encouragement I know, must try harder. 

14 Weeks Pregnant – Bye Bye First Trimester

Woopeee doodledoo, I’m saying a joyous goodbye to the not to joyous first trimester of pregnancy! Happy? OMG, yes yes yes.

My nausea has abated hugely, but is still present sometimes but very much more manageable and no longer the bodily feeling that dominates my life. Plus I’ve got way more energy, almost like my old self, but not quite…

The problem now being that I’ve been burdened with a new life dominating symptom – back ache. Up and down, wriggle wriggle, moan moan – yep that’s me. Must get myself into the local aqua natal class, it definitely helped last time around. I admit half the time it felt like a doss around in the pool, but it was a proper workout that did wonders for my core muscles. Well I think it did, it’s not that you can really see bulging core muscles like a popeye bicep can you? And it wasn’t like I was able to then balance on one leg for an hour as a result. But it definitely helped my back even if it was just for a few hours relief after.

So today I’m officially in the second trimester, meaning we are two thirds of the way through pregnancy, put it like that and it sounds scary.

The birth choice debate (I should say discussion but the truth is that we both lapse into debating behaviour sometimes) is well underway…but that’s for another time. I’m not going there today 😉

Good riddance first trimester and ‘bring it on’ second trimester!