Bumping the bosses BMW and other hiccups of the day

I spent much of yesterday traveling the country checking out venues for the annual UK conference at work, and as usual the day didn’t come without it’s traumas. The highlight was bumping the BMW that had been lent to me into a bollard.

I had mixed feelings about the day all along when I found out that my colleagues couldn’t come along to give me a second opinion, share the driving or keep me company. Ever the optimist I looked on the bright side. A day to myself relatively stress free ( I now beg to differ) where I can turn the music up loud and sing at the top of my voice.

Well all started great, I had a good nights sleep, nursed babe quickly at 6am and got up to ready to be out the door just past 7am. This bit all went to plan, just a wee bit later departing but that was fine – I has slack in my schedule.

It was my arrival in my office to pick up the pool car that things started to go pear shaped. Turned out I had the Ford Focus, pretty much the bottom end of the pile. But hey they can be good cars I wasn’t going to snub my nose at that. I was hoping for the black 2L petrol Saab that went like shit off a shovel, but hey ho.

I got in the Focus and started the engine on to warm it up while I got the sat nav in place and destination set. And the car kept conking out, mmmm

So I tried to reverse out the spot and it stalled. I dashed back to the lady in charge, she was very kind and understanding – checked it out and reassured me ‘she’ was cold and would be fine when ‘she’ warmed up and the canky old battery had had time to charge.

With these words of reassurance I went on my way, only to drive about 400m as ‘she’ coughed and spluttered. WTF?! I was supposed to do my mammoth drive in this? I was not a happy bunny. So I rang up the lady in charge and was advised to go back to the office – phew.

Things started to get better, the most senior man on site told me I could take his car. A nice gutsy BMW. Result. That was if I could figure out how to get the blasted thing out of the car park. In the process I managed to get 1st rather than reverse and bash into a bollard, and Mr Kind car owner, reassured me that was fine. You see I had to ask him to come out and show we how to get reverse, and I couldn’t hide the fact that the front of the car was clearly in the hedge and the bollard was leaning quite severely.

Everything else on the driving went well, I made good time (I hope no one was watching) and the stereo was fab for singing along too. It did take me a good few minutes to figure out how to lock the car and locate the non existent fuel cap lock. Yes I was pathetic I know!


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