A secret to share

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I’ve been brewing this one up for a while, and have been fit to burst and spill the beans. But needs must, to most I’ve kept my big trap shut and managed to back away from the keyboard just in time to stop blogging about it.

I’ve got a final few people to speak to before I dish the dirt tomorrow. I can tell you that I’m not…

a) about to emigrate to Australia to be a surf instructor. Because firstly my sense of balance leaves something to be desired and I don’t do well in hot countries…it’s the sleep apnea thing.

b) going to buy a patch of woodland and move my family to a teepee. There is no way I could ever convince hubby of a hippy lifestyle like that.

c) about to declare that I’m having a sex change in the autumn. Nope I have way too much oestrogen dominating my life and don’t wish for danglie bits thanks.

d) going to tell you that we’ve bought a house and decided where to live at last. Oh blimey I wish, we are still ‘coasting’ in the hope that something compelling is going to happen to force us to get ourselves in gear, spend our savings and stop pouring money into our landlords pocket.

I can tell you that it is exiting though.

Till tomorrow, tara for now!


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