Cut the cryptics, its a baby!

The answer to yesterdays rather telling post is not that I’ve got a new job. Believe it or not I really do love my job, enjoy working with most of my colleagues and don’t think it’s such a bad company to work for.

Scan at 12 weeks and 6 days

And yes Gemma and many lovely ladies on twitter, you got it in one, I’m pregnant! I’ve since discovered many people had their suspicions anyway.

I’ve been holding off in silent sufferance…ok not so absolutly¬†silent, but relatively quiet. Now I can be noisy because I’m past 12 weeks and finally the most critical bit – informed my boss, my work colleagues and close family.

In fact I had my first scan yesterday, and umm yes, nearly cried with emotion. Yep baby looks good, but the flood of emotion was more because there is only one. I really didn’t want twins, there is just no room in this house! I know twins are a real miracle, but I’d not planned for that. This so far has all gone to plan.

Turns out that I’m actually 13 weeks pregnant today, my calculations where 3 days out – with a due date of 13th September.

So now you might understand why my blogging frequency has been low, I’ve been exhausted. You might also appreciate why I’ve been moaning about being tired and struggling to keep things going. I’m really glad that I’m feeling a bit better now though and even more glad that I can now share my pregnancy trials with you.


4 thoughts on “Cut the cryptics, its a baby!

  1. barbs says:

    Yehh I don’t have to be worried I might slip it out now. Aunty round two I’m really excited!

  2. Laura Weight says:

    Aaawww what an amazing scan picture!
    Massive congratulations! Xxx

  3. Doodlemum says:

    What a beautiful picture and wow, congratulations on your new pregnancy. Enjoy your journey, I hope its a healthy and happy one.

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