Be Prepared: The Beach and a Toddler

After getting the reluctant mini mob out of bed and into the car on the wonderfully sunny sunday morning we headed off to one of our local beaches – the tacky tactic delights of Dawlish Warren. A trip to the beach with a toddler usually takes you through a whole mix of emotions – delight, frustration, despair, impatience and back round to more delight. The toddlers facial expressions mirror this too, big smiles, frowns and tears.

I’ve learnt to be prepared
I have done this the hard way, by running out of food, water, dry clothes, baby wipes, tissues and even money. My lack of foresight was not going to bring us down today. And while hubby initially scorned upon me for bringing the beach towel and supply of chocolate, it was he who had to stand up and go hungry while babe and I lounged (windswept) basking in the sun scoffing down Drifters (the chocolate bar kind, not strange stuff from the sea). I did offer him a corner and his own bar, but that was refused. The towel later came into real justified use when babe fell over in the sea. Towel and spare clothes to the rescue!

I was able to enjoy that emotion called smug. My eyes said “I told you so” and my lips stayed sealed. Actions speaker louder than words.

Trust me, I know what I’m doing. Really???? Well sometimes anyway.

Any notion of walking the length of the beach was soon dashed. Babe was insistent on walking and picking up every other pebble she walked past and throwing it into pack horse mummies bucket. Correction: Babes bucket, but I was the designated carrier, given that I refused to be the toddler carrier ( when required). My prego back troubles are kicking in, so I’m doing my best to carry her as little as poss. If I do, I try to get her in the Ergo, it takes a lot of the strain away. Not that there was much carrying involved, because babe wanted to walk and it was no fun for hubby hauling a kicking and screaming child along the sand.

It was a great morning out at the beach, with only two tantrums. Not bad going me thinks!

Babe in the sea


One thought on “Be Prepared: The Beach and a Toddler

  1. Doodlemum says:

    Oh yes. Ive learnt too, always go with a towel, food, wipes, and spare clothes. Have done too many journeys home with my lot just in vest and knickers!

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