14 Weeks Pregnant – Bye Bye First Trimester

Woopeee doodledoo, I’m saying a joyous goodbye to the not to joyous first trimester of pregnancy! Happy? OMG, yes yes yes.

My nausea has abated hugely, but is still present sometimes but very much more manageable and no longer the bodily feeling that dominates my life. Plus I’ve got way more energy, almost like my old self, but not quite…

The problem now being that I’ve been burdened with a new life dominating symptom – back ache. Up and down, wriggle wriggle, moan moan – yep that’s me. Must get myself into the local aqua natal class, it definitely helped last time around. I admit half the time it felt like a doss around in the pool, but it was a proper workout that did wonders for my core muscles. Well I think it did, it’s not that you can really see bulging core muscles like a popeye bicep can you? And it wasn’t like I was able to then balance on one leg for an hour as a result. But it definitely helped my back even if it was just for a few hours relief after.

So today I’m officially in the second trimester, meaning we are two thirds of the way through pregnancy, put it like that and it sounds scary.

The birth choice debate (I should say discussion but the truth is that we both lapse into debating behaviour sometimes) is well underway…but that’s for another time. I’m not going there today 😉

Good riddance first trimester and ‘bring it on’ second trimester!


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