2Yr Old – Miss Independent

Despite the fact that I still ‘mummy’ my toddler a lot by breastfeeding and cosleeping etc, I’m really proud to tell you that in many other areas of her life she is becoming very much more independent. So anybody who thinks attachment parenting is just molly coddling and not good for a child might want to stick their thoughts where the sun don’t shine might want to think again. *Note to self: everyone deserves their own opinions on parenting.*

Independent Toilet Trips
Last night babe, who is 2yrs and 3mths, asked to go to the toilet for a wee. I was busy cleaning the kitchen and time was getting on, so I asked her to go upstairs to the toilet on her own and I would join her in a minute. So off she toddled squeaking “in a minute, in a minute”. Then hubby walked in through the door from his run and jumped to action stations to assist her – good man. It left me to get on with the dull and dirty task of cleaning the kitchen after feeding time (dinner).


The Monster Project

This morning, she asked again to go for a poo while I was in the middle of sticking paper to monster. This is the latest craft project, where babe gets involved for about 30 seconds and then mummy gets to finish it off for the next 15 minutes. This is not me taking the opportunity to moan about something else, in fact I’m loving the new project – much more so than she is. Monster is coming along very well now – just a bit more paper mache and then I (erm babe) can paint him.

Off tangent – yes, sorry. It was the poo call and I had glue on my hands and was having much too much fun. So again I asked her to go up to the loo on her own and do the business. She had already stated this was a poo, so I was not going to go leaving her beyond the minute to hump off the bog and smear #2 residues all over her nice clean clothes and my not so sparking clean bathroom. So despite my reluctance to leave the ‘monster’ project, I attended to her a minute or maybe two later. And there she was. She’d managed to put the seat on the toilet, pull up the stool and wiggle onto the seat – and she had produced. Who’s my girl! The amount of pride I had from this small task is immense. Maybe disproportional, but she’s my angel – not anyone else’s, I have the right (don’t I?)

Almost Getting Dressed
Babe is also making excellent progress on getting dressed on her own. The undressing bit is almost mastered apart from the T shirts over the head. The sticking point on getting dressed is getting knickers/pants on properly. She usually puts both her legs through one leg hole and ends up with everything bunched up around her waist, with nothing covering the nether regions. She then prances around so proud of her achievement and we…well we look on and snigger. Not the best encouragement I know, must try harder. 


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