Pregnancy Hormones – The Teary Type

Toy Story 3

Image by Jerrod Maruyama via Flickr

Beware, beware …a bought of the teary pregnant hormones can hit you at anytime. And it can come on all of a sudden, not necessarily just after a moment of frustration, anger or insecurity (but yes, these can also be a cause of the opening floodgates of a pregnancy tear attack). Or watching Eastenders, Country File the news or Toy Story 3…oh no just the thought could set me off. Get back, get back…I’m taking control.

Cough cough, where was I?

Oh yes, yes – I’m not a big crying type (as a rule), but I’m not a cold hearted unemotional biatch either. I’d like to thing that I strike a nice happy medium (usually).

But when I’m pregnant it’s different, the blotchy big bug eyed beast from within rears its ugly head and claims not just my body but emotions – and it doesn’t give a damn about where I am or the timing. If only it was predictable like during full moon – although I do wonder if the super moon had something to do with my most recent incident.s 

The other day it was in the middle of a department store heading down the esculators. Good exposure timing, hmm thanks. Lucky hubby was beside me and managed to shield the transition that was taking place as morphed from a normal sane woman to someone fit for a jacket…one of the White ones on that have long straps…the straight type that are somewhat restrictive.

I was ushered to the furniture corner by my surprisingly sweet and supportive hubby and recommended to sit and rest. I sat blubbing my eyes out. And for what reason, honestly, nothing!! I had been feeling a little puffed out and tired a few minutes before, but nothing that I thougth I couldn’t take in my stride.

Then there was the time when I walked through the door of my Monday childminders sobbing my stupid little heart out – at just 7/8 weeks pregnant I had to confess that this was not my usual behaviour, that I  had a bun in the oven. It was the smallest thing that had set me off, but no matter how much I berated myself and shouted “pull yourself together woman…you weak weak woman” – those floodgates were not ready to shut.

So this is where I call upon you to make me feel normal and good about myself by sharing your embarassing teary pregnancy hormone attacks.


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