15 Weeks Pregnant Exhausted and Moaning

Woman pregnancy month by month.

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So there I was last week rejoicing the departure of the first trimester and looking forward to the blooming energetic stage of trimester two, it seems I spoke to soon. Yes I admit; I enjoyed a nice week of lots of energy, albeit with a touch of back ache – but that was not going to dampen my spirits.

Then this week – week 15 hits me like a big old sledge-hammer
When the midwife told me things should be simpler second time around, I took this for easier. Erm WRONG, so far wrong its untrue – or maybe it’s just that the memory from my first pregnancy nearly three years ago has faded to just leave the nice bits (apart from a very vivid recollection of throwing up on the roadside in Tuscany on our honeymoon from having eaten Pecorino cheese for breakfast).

Yes, I know that my life is a whole lot more demanding with a toddler around and that I’m bound to be much more tired and worn out from the whole experience, but not now – surely I should be bouncing off the walls, enjoying my lustrous lovely silky thick hair (no comment) and just ticking along nicely.

If you hadn’t figured out already, this is a moaning blog post…I need to wallow in my own self pity for just a few minutes and get it out of my system. I’d suggest that you click on another web page if you can’t tolerate anymore of the moaning mama…cause it ain’t gonna get better from here on in.

OK, so the nausea is MUCH better, but just as that starts to subsides, my back seems to think it’s time to remind me that it needs to be taken care of too. Not now, I have enough people/things to take care of! Back, you are supposed to look after yourself, be the solid backbone to my life – not return to your old pregnancy tricks.

I’ve just been so exhausted this week. Most days if I haven’t had even a short nap, I fail to be able to function properly. I can’t even blame it on a teething toddler, long working hours and or unsupportive hubby.

I’m also struggling to eat normal sized dinners, unlike last week. And I’m getting really breathy…puff puff puff… oh blimey give me a break I’ve had enough.

I recognise that perhaps I’m jumping the gun and expecting too much…just a few more weeks. Come on April – put a spring in my step.


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