Toddler Babble Speak

First off, I’m a bit in a tiss about writing this post. I’d drafted it while nursing babe to sleep on my iPhone, but for some stupid dumb reason it didn’t save – maybe it was the dumb operator I dunno. So I’m doing something that no doubt you will be all too familiar with, re typing up my thoughts again. Hopefully this time around, it will be some much more eloquently and entertainingly crafted – but somehow I doubt it (I have this underlying resentment for the topic already).

Onto the topic in hand…toddler babble speak

For me babe has reached a milestone, in my book she has graduated to being a real little person. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think she was some inferior being before hand, but now she can communicate in mini sentences, we can see the real minky spalinky in her. It’s true she has the tenacity of her mother and the mischievousness of her farther – ooo noo, is this such a great mix?

When your child says “mummy naughty”, something has changed. A level of maturity has been reached. But I must admit, it’s largely “daddy naughty”, because daddy is one big tease – it’s going to come back to bite him on the ass sometime soon I know 😉

The short sentences we can understand, the longer babbly ones we kind of get the gist of. And I’ve got to say it’s hilarious – witnessing her real thoughts coming out and tangibly seeing how much she has grasped. In fact at times it’s totally scary. Talk about a sponge!

It’s always sunny yellow in babe’s life
Colour recognition and vocalisation is something else very new to babe. She is coming along, although largely everything is yellow. I think all the yellow daffodils around at the moment have just stuck in her mind. Not a bad colour to choose in my book. But we are working hard to expand her repertoire.

So far we have not had any major embarrassments as a result of her developing speech, but I know its coming soon. How about preparing me for the worst? What’s your most embarrassing toddler talking story?

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3 thoughts on “Toddler Babble Speak

  1. Ellen says:

    I totally know what you mean… I still marvel at my 3 year olds intellectual conversation….

    I digress… It’s the older one, when he was about 3, we went into evans to look at a pair of boots I had seen advertised…

    Yes, you can guess.. Much to our horror in the clearest loudest voice out comes

    “mummy, that lady is really fat”

    I responded with a hmmm yes… Because in all honesty, she really was… Swift exit… No boot purchase 🙂

  2. KatieB says:

    Wait til she points at the lady behind the counter at Sainsbury’s cafe and shouts, ‘look mummy, a lady man!’ 😉

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