Avocado Baby at 16 weeks and Baby Shopping

Aguacate / Avocado

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Today I hit four months (16 weeks) pregnant – that means there are just six more months to go. I have mixed feelings about whether that sounds like a long time or not. 

Baby Centre tells me that baby is now the size of an Avocado – about 12cms long. Apparently it is going to be an intensive month of growing ahead as baby doubles in size, so I can look forward to unexpectedly scraping my belly even more on furniture and door frames.

Avocado Baby Book
The fact that baby is now the size of an avocado reminds me of a book I read when I was a little girl – funnily enough it was called ‘Avocado Baby’ link to buy it from Amazon here

Being highly impressionable and gullible, I took this book as mantra – the way to lead my life. Eat avocados and get big muscles. So you can tell I was no girly girl? I was a tree climbing, mud eating, scruffy little snot box. Being able to pick up a car was something I actually quite aspired to.  So I sent my mum out to buy me an avocado or two. Despite the fact that they tasted totally gross, I managed to convince myself that they were delicious. The wonders of mind over matter. Soon I was able to pick up the ironing board, wow – this was massive for me. After the ironing board, things didn’t get better, I tried picking up my mum’s pick-up truck (yep, that’s right we didn’t have a car, we had a truck), to no success. Soon my taste for avocados waned and the book was shelved.


So now I’m compiling my #2 baby shopping list and maybe hoping for some advice/tips

1)      Co-sleeper cot – any suggestions on the best ones on the market?

I’m not doing the crib this time around – I hated having to reach over the bars just to lay a hand on babe to comfort her. I also want something that is going to help with the nursing at night. Bed sharing is still under consideration, but I would like a fall-back place for baby to sleep – sometimes mama just wants her own space.

Moby Wrap - Available from Slumber Roo

2)      Babywearing wrap for baby – what’s best?

I’m tossing up between the Kari Me or Moby stretchy wraps right now. Any thoughts on these would be much appreciated. I only need something to tide me through the early months, as we already have a BabyHawk Mei Tai and an Ergo Baby soft carrier.

3)      Swaddling blanket or not?            

Last time we didn’t have one of these, but babe did quite like being swaddled in her blanket. We hence spent a lot of time re-swaddling all the time. It was a hassle we could have done without to be honest. What’s your experience of using these?

Aside from the basics that we already have like a car seat, buggy, sleeping bags etc – is there anything else you can suggest?


6 thoughts on “Avocado Baby at 16 weeks and Baby Shopping

  1. Close baby carrier was great – better than a kari me (I’ve used both) as when the elastic slackens off while wearing, you can simply tighten close again by pulling on tails through rings, whereas Kari me you have to take off and start again to tighten. I am only size 8, so close has fitted to my size shape well and keeps baby snug. Can also use cummerbund for extra support and this turns into storage pocket too. Xx

  2. @mamamilkmaid says:

    1) I’m going to get a normal cot and turn it into a co-sleeper, but if I had buckets of money and a purpose built one was on the menu I’d probably go for the one pictured, it’s available via the NCT website. Though there are a variety out there to pick from, I quite like the fabric sides to that one.

    2) I’m a Kari-me girl, never really tried a moby, but my friend has one and though it’s a little less stretchy it didn’t seem as wide or as easy to slot baby on and out of.

    3) I have a swaddle blanket from mini-man, it was never used, we just swaddled in a sheet anyway. But ours was cheap (around £8 from pumpkin patch) so no real problem. This time it may see some use.

    As for anything else, i can’t think of anything. I just need a cot.

  3. AliD says:

    If you use a Front Wrap Cross Carry instead of the pocket cross carry usually prescribed for stretchy wraps, when you unwrap, you’ll be able to swaddle the baby straight from being carried. The wrap will still be warm, will smell of you, and you’ll not have to buy a swaddling blanket 😀

  4. Claire Duberry says:

    Regarding the Avocado Baby bit, let me tell yous all NCM was definitely a snotty little child and WAS convinced that a pick-up truck was well within her abilities of strength to which she was convinced that the back end did leave the floor when she applied her full strength after having consumed quite a few daily portions of the afore mentioned fruit that had a most “devine” flavour. The word “divine” used very often to foods that were exceedingly healthy for the body but may have had questionable flavour value.

    NCM’s momma

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