You crazy woman looking forward to labour the natural birth way

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Recently when chatting to a few of the ladies at work, they were astounded that I actually looked forward to the labour of my next child.

I’m sure that as I left their desk cluster they muttered among themselves about what a hippy masochistic nutcase I am. I’d argue that I’m educated and focused on less pain and a more relaxed experience that is special not traumatic. 

I ain’t gonna sugar coat things, for those who’ve not been there and done it. It’s sodding painful, and when it’s long and drawn out it’s blooming exhausting too – marathon pahh! Think of an Iron Man and then you’re talking. If my first labour was anything to go by it was very long and pretty painful – but that’s generally the deal isn’t it? No pain, no gain.

I’m pro natural birth and getting yourself properly educated and prepared first. I am not pro pain, let’s get that straight!

I want natural and less pain, but don’t take away the gas and air. That’s all I ask for, let me trip on it a couple of times and I’m a happy woman. Don’t get my wrong, if I was totally averse to pain I’d been listing all the pain relieve options in my birth plan, but I want to be connected to the birth process even if that does involve moments of saying “I’m in hell, get me out of here now“…yes I do recall saying that to hubby in one point during my first labour. But at no point was I going to entertain the idea of drugs, call me bloody minded, call me determined, but I had a plan and I was damn well going to stick to it. No doctors and their needles were going to come near me trying to win me over with their smooth talk.

Why natural? Why no drugs?

Before you read this bit, remember I am no midwife, doula or medical professional – I am only drawing from my own memory of the great books I’ve read. Before shooting them off as total fact, make sure you double-check them first. So let’s make this clear, this is my understanding – and you’re welcome to put me straight if I’m wrong.

Why crazy woman do you refuse drugs in labour?

a) Because I know how much messing around drugs does to mummy and baby’s bodies and hormones – not always conducive to a good start to breastfeeding for example.

b) Many drugs also involve monitoring, which means you’re attached to machines and stuff. This isn’t my beef, what I don’t like are the restrictions to moving about and more importantly no birth pool. Electronics and water with mama and baby don’t mix well. A birth pool is a big MUST for me, even if it’s just to serve as a good distraction and to breakup the pain monotony for an hour. I’d like to think I could give birth in the pool next time around rather than just labour in it as I did with babe.

c) Drugs can sometimes slow labour down and result in a higher chance of medical intervention. Who wants a C-section or forceps delivery? Now if you say yes, then you really are crazy 😉

On the other hand, some might be thinking I’m a control freak untrusting of medical intervention. I’ll put them straight now, I’m not. I don’t mind doctors, I don’t mind hospitals and lurve pain killers, but childbirth is not like having a medical problem, it’s a natural process that the body has been design to be equipped to do (not that it always works but you know).

I won’t even go there with my wistful thoughts about homebirth.

But I promise to share my natural almost water birth story to babe with you soon. Warning, bring ear plugs!


5 thoughts on “You crazy woman looking forward to labour the natural birth way

  1. Anon says:

    Yes. I agree. Epidurals seem to interfere with baby’s heart rate & end up in c-sections. My first birth was awful, I had prepared for a hypnobirth but should have got a doula. My baby was back-to-back, after 50 odd hours I went for epidural. I pushed him out to the sounds of ‘baby is on trouble, you must get him out now’. A million stitches later we both lived to tell the tale. 2nd time round, I had a 24hr labour with a doula, 4 paracetemol, a wonderful water birth & no horrendous stitches. X

  2. Doodlemum says:

    I’ve had two of mine au natural. Both very different births but much easier to recover from. The answer is good midwife support and good partner support, lots of food and drink and to be well informed.
    I read Ina May Gaskin’s book, fantastic reading.

  3. Cake and Tea Blog says:

    I had a natural birth- I asked for pethidine, but it the midwives and doctors were thinking I might need a c section… then there was talk of an epidural and much indecision, and the little man decided he was just going to appear anyway! And having done it that way, I’d be keen to do it again. Easy recovery, can remember the birth, and the first moments holding him were amazing rather than foggy.

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