When have you graduated in extended breastfeeding?

Old duplo bricks

Image via Wikipedia

I’d argue that it’s when you’ve nursed all the toys in the house.

Last night was a prime example, as I lay all unsuspecting in the bath with babe who was splish sploshing around by my feet. Suddenly babe must have realised that this particular brown duplo brick was hungry and thirsty, and the only thing for it was some ‘num nums’ (ie mummy milk). And all of a sudden as I lay in the nice warm water trying to ease my back ache, the duplo was taking a drink (well not literally but you get the picture).

Now I’m used to being asked to nurse the baby doll and teddy bears that are mammal based, but a brick is something else.

Now I know I’m not alone with this, I gather that most mamas who practice extended breastfeeding are often asked to nurse the toys. So maybe you’d like to share you’re childs weirdest request?


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