I love co-sleeping but a night without a wriggling toddler is bliss

For some time babe has largely been co-sleeping with me. You see she is cool with my snoring, unlike hubby who finds it troublesome. She’s been fortunate to be brought up with it right from the time in the womb – truly conditioned!

People keep subtly (and in some cases bluntly) suggesting to me, that it would be a good idea to get babe into the habit of sleeping in her own bed before the new baby arrives in September. The honest truth is I’ve been reluctant to move her back, because I’m cherishing our final months of just her and me, and do not want to see this rush to a premature end.

At the same time, I know there is some good reasoning behind their suggestions. Even if she just gets into the habit of sleeping in her bed sometimes or for just part of the night, it would be a wise move.

The nightime bed transfer
Our bedtime routine is that babe and I get into my bed between 8pm and 8.40pm, read some books, sing songs and maybe watch some dancing movies on YouTube before she settles down for some num nums (mummy milk, nursies, whatever you like to call it) and babe drifts off to sleep. While babe is getting her bedtime milk I write blog material, tweet, check my work emails and browse bargains on Ebay (thanks to the iPhone). Once she is asleep, I then slip out of bed to go watch some TV and generally spend some time with hubby before retreating back to my bed where babe is sprawled out. I then need to find my space on the edge of the mattress 😦

If I’m feeling confident and have the energy to stay up and get her back to sleep if she wakes up again, I attempt to scoop her up in my arms and place her gently into her own bed. Always waiting about five minutes, anything less is too risky and too soon – leave it past seven minutes and for some reason she is more likely to wake up. Miss that window of opportunity and that’s it, round two of num nums is required.

I had a couple of nights of success a good few weeks back and then a night of failure made me give up. I was feeling exhausted, it was getting late and all I wanted to do was chill out.

Last night was a success
She was down to sleep relatively early – in the land of nod at just gone 8.30pm. And I was feeling much in the need of my own space. The night before I’d been really unsettled with aching legs from the pregnancy, and I wanted to have the bed to myself – or more accurately to share with my body bolster pillow.

It all went well and she even slept through till 8am in the morning, woohoo – miracle.

So I will try again tonight, and see if I can stick to it for more than a few days in a row. 

If all else fails, I’m going to chill out and go with the flow and revert to my general fall-back tactic, which is ‘whatever, I’ll do it my way thanks’.


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