Pregnant and Breastfeeding

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To my surprise, so far I’ve not had anyone scorn upon me for nursing my two-year old while pregnant. That is not to my face anyway. Maybe they value their life too much to even consider questioning me on my breastfeeding choices in general, let alone when I’m pregnant and hormonal.

I’d like to think it is because it is because western general society does not scorn publicly upon this practice, but I think I might be mildly deluded there.

The doctors even say its OK
When I was first pregnant, hubby, always the one to keep in mind the bigger picture and my health, did ask if it was ok medically. Absurdly or not I hadn’t asked myself this question, perhaps because my instincts are well honed on this one. I was glad it wasn’t because I’d been thoughtless and dumb. A very quick google reassured me, then discussions with my doctor and midwife totally reassured me.

Apparently it’s entirely natural and women’s bodies are fully capable of nursing and making a baby. You do need to be conscious to eat more, particularly carbohydrates and maybe get a little extra rest.

Facing criticism
Maybe I’m more likely to experience criticism and odd looks when nursing in public while very visibly pregnant with a big bump. All I can say right now is “bring it on!” Good luck to the person who tries, I am ready and waiting. Under that bulge is not just a baby but my flame thrower too. Well metaphorically speaking, pregnancy hormones are pretty powerful!

Reading recommendation
Anyone looking into the idea of breastfeeding while pregnant might want to read this book, it’s not just great for covering the topic of tandem breastfeeding (that’s for another day), but also has sections on nursing while pregnant too.

Buy it direct from La Leche League, its half the prize of the Amazon listing.

There are some challenges
At times it’s not easy, in fact sometimes it’s a little painful (mainly when latching-on). Apparently your milk supply drops and throughout pregnancy the flavour changes due to the milk composition. In the early stages of pregnancy it tastes more salty. I remember babe asking for a ‘drinky’ after she had nursed many a time.  There is also a possibility your milk supply might dry up all together. On the other hand you might decide that enough is enough and this is the time to put a stop to the nursing relationship, and your infant might do the same.

18 weeks in and we are still going strong. Neither of us are faltering on our choice on this one (yet). Ok, so I know its early days, we are not even at the half way mark yet, but somehow I think we’ll see this one through…yes to when the baby comes. And then what?  Tandem. Hold on, more coming tomorrow…


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