Pregnant: alive and kicking

20 weeks pregnant

Image via Wikipedia

Today we hit 19 weeks (pregnant), woopppeee nearly the half way mark!

Despite this being my second pregnancy, I’ve only really started to recognise baby movements. I guess I’d been putting the ‘flutters’ down to a gurgling stomach or *shush* … trapped wind.

Nope this is no windy pops, this baba is a lively one. That’s when I get time to chill out enough to notice. Usually I’m the blue arsed one that looks particularly fly like.

I’d forgotten how great it felt, in the early days to feel gentle movements.

Yes, this is one of the best stages. Baby is not too big to kick your bladder or rib cage, but gently reminds you that they really are there alive and kicking.

Yes, today I’m loving being pregnant 🙂


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