Maternity cover interviews

Monkey and baby

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the office interviewing people for my job while I’m on maternity leave.

It’s strange looking for your own perfect replacement, and interviewing them is more weird. Yet kind of satisfying being on the other side of the table – now its my turn to ask those nasty questions šŸ™‚

I’m kindaĀ glad that it’s been a challenge to find the perfect person. In fact there is no perfect person to fill my shoes, how dare anyone think to imply such a terribleĀ thing šŸ˜‰

But OMG some of the ladies should be able to show me a thing or too, and that’s kind of intimidating. In my usual optimist perspective I’m trying to take this opportunity to get someone with better skills than me in some areas, so they can help me improve my skills (not snuggle in tight to MY job).

It’s mine, it’s mine and I know my legal rights…don’t get any ideas ladies.

It was a long day with three interviews, should have been four but one woman didn’t turn up. The cheek! That’s just so rude don’t you think? And I’d almost given myself indigestion by yomping down my lunch mid web meeting in order to beĀ ready in time for her arrival.

Anyways as the afternoon wore on I began to wane, one interview melded into another to the point in the final session of the day I was talking and had to stop to ask and confess that I wasn’t sure where I was going. Oh crap, how unprofessional. I was tired, I’d been up early re-writing a workĀ document at 7.15am before even attempting the long drive up the motorway to the office. That’s not factoring my disturbed night sleep from left leg prego sciatica. So where was I? He he, making that very same point. Well I think that’s that point made sufficiently.

The quote of the day
This had to be when packing up with the last interviewee. I bent down on all fours on the floor ( dog like) to unplug the laptop power cable and she kindly asked if I was ok. My answer was “oh no I’m fine, that position is great for my back”

We both laughedĀ and commented on how wrong that sounded. Thank god it was a woman, or not one of my super dirty minded colleagues that would revel in repeatedly reminding me of it.


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