Transitioning toddler from co-sleeping to lone sleeping

Mama and babe not co-sleeping but at the beach

After co-sleeping for quite a while now, we have made the transition to lone sleeping – at first I think it was hardest for me to get used to not having my little hot water bottle near by.

But now I think we’ve cracked it, more than three-quarters of the time babe (currently 2 years and 4 months) is now sleeping on her own in her own bed through the night.

I confess I still nurse her to sleep in my bed, give her the five minutes (you might recall my post on this a couple of weeks ago) and then transfer her in deep sleep to her cot bed. This bit of the old routine we are hanging on to (unless she decides otherwise).

Getting over my mixed feelings
As a full-time working mother, I love co-sleeping. It gave us that extra time to bond throughout the night, and rarely did I moan at middle of the night waking and nursing back to sleep. I saw it as our special quiet time. As pregnancy has progressed night-time waking has became more of an irritation that fed my exhaustion and sciatica – from sleeping perching on the side of the bed because ‘bed hogger babe’ was determined to try and hug all corners of the double mattress during her sleep.

From first getting pregnant I suspected it was something I needed to do as I got larger and more restless at night (currently I’m 20 weeks along) and over the last three/four weeks that time had come where I was wanting my space.

So here we are, she slept through another night and so did I. Long may it continue.


One thought on “Transitioning toddler from co-sleeping to lone sleeping

  1. Kate says:

    Our family has just done this too ~ for the same reasons you stated. I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have now been sleeping sans children (mostly) for 3 weeks. They’re in a futon in the same room (which is nice for all of us) and I’m soooo enjoying having my space! Especially since not having a child next to me makes it much easier to roll out of bed the 4 or 5 times I have to go to the bathroom. 😉

    Sleep well, Mama!

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