I’m half way to finishing my baby

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On Tuesday we hit the 20 week milestone, which means I’m halfway through growing my baby. Woo how time flies. Believe it or not sometimes I forget I’m pregnant, not like first time around where I was totally absorbed by it.

I forget until I…

Stub my toe – my gosh I’m doing this so often lately. I’m a little proud that I’ve got better at stifling the filth that pours out of my mouth. Instead I just howl like a werewolf.

Look at my bumb in the mirror – oh yeah, I can believe this baby is the length of a banana now. No stretch marks yet, so I continue to slather on the Bio Oil morning and evening in the hope that I’ll miss the boat again on that.

Forget to keep my carbs up – tiredness and nausea then kicks in yelling in my head for neglecting myself again. I’ve found as a nursing mama that keeping up my carbs during pregnancy is a priority.

Try to paint my toe nails – yes I’m starting to struggle already. I’ve never done pedicures, I don’t like the idea of inflicting my feet on someone else to deal with even if I am paying them good money. And besides I can’t justify the money so I might need to bribe hubby with beer and chocolate to paint my trotters for me come the height of summer. Babe has taken a keen interest but I fear it might end up looking like someone has gone at my feet with a chainsaw.

Forget stupid things – flaming pregnancy brain, this makes me come across even more of a ditzy blond than usual. I don’t need anymore assistance in that department. If you’re one of my subscribers you might recall getting notification of blog post called ‘gh’, which was promptly deleted but not after you had all got the empty email.

Feel totally exhausted – it seems to catch up on me really suddenly. One day I’m bouncing off the walls, being intelligent and even occasionally witty. The next I want to hibernate and just live on Cheerios and strawberries. Pace is everything, I’ve still got a long way to go with a growing load.

But the highlights are…

Being able to wear my lovely new maternity clothes – and there are still items waiting to get there first wear. I love it!

Feeling my baby kick and move lots – this is the best feeling. Baby is not big enough to crack a rib or puncture your bladder, but just large enough to be soothing and reassuring. Yes, I really am pregnant. There is a real baby in there.

The next milestone is next Wednesday, our anomaly and gender scan. I will be sharing, never fear ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “I’m half way to finishing my baby

  1. Lewis says:

    Congrats and good luck for Wednesday. We are 24 weeks on Monday and we still can’t believe its true!

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