Touched by random act of kindness from the Toy Society

I love random acts of kindness, they are so touching and inspire you to be or at least want to be a better person. Babe was the recipient of such a sweet kind of organised random act of kindness by Jopsy from the Toy Society at the weekend.

The story of Bongo
Coming out of the toilets at our local farm shop (having nearly exposed mummy to the room with premature door opening), we found a stray little fellow sat lonely and sad in a zip lock bag next to the sink. Inside the bag was a tag that said in bold writing TAKE ME HOME I’M FREE

I looked around, no other children were in the loos it must be left for Babe.

*Hush* And the cheap part of me glowed at the word FREE. I feel a little bad about this if truth be told, but I’ve northern frugal roots. It’s genetic I’m sure. And nothing comes free in this place, this is no rough and ready farm shop, its quite posh and pricey.

Bongo which we felt was an apt name, is one of the cutest little odd looking felt fellows you have seen.

The note inside asked for us to give this monster a good home and if possible to contact the Toy Society informing them that he was safe and sound. I immediately thought of Paddington Bear journeying from Peru.

After finding the images above on Flickr, I have since realised that I probebly bumped into Jopsy. The second image is apparently a bit blury because she got caught doing the drop. Perhaps she expected us to be faffing around in the toilet for a bit longer.

If you were of the cynical nature you might say that these items could just as well have a bomb in them. But come on, that is just 22 century paranoia taking over. I’m pleased to say that Bongo does not ‘tick’ or smell strange. He has clearly just been born and just needs some loving and caring.

If you are interested in becoming a maker creator toy sewing donator you can get involved where ever you are in the world. Just go check out their website (link below).

So if you find this blog post Jopsy, a big thank you. Babe is taking good care of Bongo. Here he is chilling out with Colin the caterpillar.


The Toy Society is a global charity and have their own blog and dedicated Flikr pages – anyone can get involved.


Celebrating one year as a blogger

When I started blogging, I had no idea that there was a whole community of mummy bloggers out there. I didn’t realise what a challenge it would be to differentiate from the rest of the witty, articulate mums across the world like Mammywoo, Northern Mum, DoodbleMum, AlterntiveMama

Most popular google search term to find the NCM blog is…flashing the postman
Aside from the obvious searching for nurturing career mama, the most popular search term to find this blog relates to a post I did last year that told that story about how my friend was breastfeeding her baby when the postman rang the doorbell. She stopped feeding to answer it and forgot to put her boobey away…it always makes me laugh to think about the poor embarassed postman. Why not ready the post again for yourself.

I love it how some people find this blog by searching

  • mother child icon (erm is someone being sarcastic here?)
  • cool 2011 pregnancy blogs

But I’m not so sure about these

  • mams moan lots (hmm, suppose I do too)
  • sitting on the loo (well I don’t think this one is fair)
  • poopy but (I guess poo does come up as a topic a lot, of course it would with a baby/toddler)

Many people ask where do I find the time to blog? Well I mostly do the core of my writing when nursing babe to sleep at night…hail to the iPhone and the WordPress app! And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

And because this date has kind of crept up on me, I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. After all I have a life…well erm at least a film to watch.

So finally I should thanks to my followers xx Please keep dropping by and saying hello, or just having a nosey.

Something brewing with the toddler

day seventy five | I'm a little tea pot..

Image by I Are Rowell via Flickr

Only a couple of days ago I was thinking to myself, how fortunate we had been that Babe had enjoyed such a long spell of healthiness, and thank goodness since neither the OH or I have been on great form these last few weeks.

I think just my thinking this lowered her immune system and there is something definitely a brewing. Since Wednesday she’s not been quite right, if you caught her on a good moment you’d be none the wiser, but catch this child at tea time and you’d think the devil had taken up residence. Now I know tea time for little ones is the witching hour (or two or three) but this is behaviour in another league.

She is determined to sleep when getting home from the childminders late afternoon for at least an hour but usually getting there is a bit of a battle. She wants nursing on the sofa first, and I refuse because nursing on lying down on the bed is so much nicer on my pregnant back. Then alas I give in because she is in such a tizzy, and she refuses to move and just wants to stand on the spot and sob. After scuffling around she relents to sleep, and I attempt to wriggle away from her latched on sharp teeth to retreat to get some more work done. This takes a while…she’s not giving up mummy snuggles easily.

I slope downstairs (having successfully transferred her upstairs mid nursing session earlier) to crack on with more work and then hear she has woken once more and is not a happy bunny. Upon reaching the bed she yells at me “go way, no mummy” “mummy mummy”. She seems totally confused, so I lie down with her and nurse again and after some flailing about she drifts back off to sleep and refuses to be roused again till gone 5pm.

She wakes up grumpy and hungry and a fussy eater – eats all my fish and chicken (on two different evenings) and smears mushy peas on the carpet (I wish I had laminate in our dining area). After the eating battle she settles down and all is at peace in the house. She is happy to play and is generally a chipper little bee. Bed time is inevitably a bit later than usual, but not as late as I would ordinarily expect for a late elongated nap of this nature.

It’s not just tea time, she is easily upset and frustrated and gets all wound up at the slightest thing. And it all started with a high temperate on Wednesday so I know it’s not just her playing up and being a trying toddler.

So now I keep my fingers crossed that she is successfully fighting whatever nasty virus is making her so grumpy or hope that it’s not contagious and I can pack her off to the childminders again next week. That makes me sound heartless, but really I just want my all time happy go lucky little girl back.

The reality of a pregnancy migraine


Image by tjmwatson via Flickr

Is a place I don’t want to go back to in a hurry!

Last night I can confidently say I experienced my first ever migraine and it wasn’t pretty. I had the works, intense roving pain around my head, sun spotted vision, tears, topped off by being violently sick.

Where did it come from?
No where, I was enjoying a nice chilled out evening and had just got Babe off to sleep when it kicked off good and proper.

I can’t say nowhere entirely I guess. I’d suffered from a headache of varying intensity throughout the day but had managed to get it under control and even do some good work. I though the headache haze was passing until the sun spotty vision started after my bath with Babe.

The vision alone was no biggy, I lay down on the sofa and took it easy. Then took Babe up for her bedtime nursing session, which was delightfully relaxed and she dropped off early. I descended the stairs to enjoy a bit of tv and by the time I reached the living room the pain in my head was taking hold. After crashing on the sofa for a matter of a few minutes I realised that I needed to do more to resolve this and went up to bed. By this point I was getting ready to pull my hair out (in fact I think tugging on my hair even seemed mildly soothing momentarily).

From bed-rest I tried garden fresh air, but couldn’t face the exposure of being huddled up on our very exposed garden steps rocking back and forth as tears streamed down my face. Back to bed rest, to the dash for the paracetamol. Even if it hadn’t helped my previous headaches I felt I need to try everything again.

Then the sudden sickness
Nausea from the pain had been welling and then just when I thought I might be making a small amount of progress, it notched up a gear. The OH was a little concerned at this point and was worrying about my well-being (yes he is sweet like that) and miscarriage. A quick google a few minutes prior had quelled my concerns and made me realise that migraines in pregnancy are quite normal/common. I also recalled one of my twitter pals telling me recently that she had experienced such an intense stress headache that she threw up.

Sitting it out
After barfing up my delightful homemade pizza (what a waste and sorry perhaps a bit too much info there), things slowly got better and I managed to go to sleep. Funnily enough my bedtime backache was not bothering me at all.

So what’s the cause?
From my Internet research on migraines in pregnancy, they can be caused by various things:

A) exhaustion/tiredness – but hold on I wasn’t overtly tired, no gland aching issues and I’d slept really well the night before.
B) stress – but I’d not been feeling stressed that day. I’d been careful with work and Babe had not flipped out into a pre bedtime hissy fit to put me in a bad place.

What the doctor said
This morning I trundled back to the doctors and she asked whats my concern. Erm I’m in pain and don’t seem to know what to do about it, surely simple? She was not my regular doc and I didn’t feel like we had a good rapport going on. The upshot is, blood pressure normal, eyes look normal and her conclusion was that’s its a hormone induced headache. She reassured me that I could just be going through a phase and to continue doing all the good stuff I already was.

Not sure if I feel good about that conclusion or not…good I guess…

24 Weeks Pregnant


Image by mikaelf via Flickr

OMG just 16 weeks till due date to go!

On one hand I’m thinking, that LONG, my back is killing me and I know it’s going to get worse.

On the other hand I’m thinking, is that ALL, I’m not ready for our lives to be turned upside down. Not to mention the the sleep deprivation that comes from nursing a newborn around the clock and dealing with a toddler who has is trying to adjust to sharing the top podium with another.

And still some people exclaim at how small I am
Small, I feel bloody massive already. I know in the grand scheme of things I’m not, but everything is relative to me and what I’m used to. This morning one lady even stated that she didn’t like to ask if I was pregnant, just in case. Surely there is no debating the issue now, it’s clear cut – this is a baby belly, not from my cake consumption. Then said lady of 75, decided to impart her secret of having a good marriage after children – sex and lots more sex. Hmm, my response was, must try harder (thinking where does one find the time?) Needless to say the OH felt her advice was excellent.

24 weeks pregnancy ailments
1) Headaches – apparently they are hormonal brought on by doing too much and having too much stress. My body’s way of taking control and making me do less and focus on my pregnancy more. Not sure whether to thank it for being sensible and making my decisions for me or to curse it for the timing. It was the perfect justification for my pregnancy massage on Friday – which I should add should be seen as an essential for any pregnant woman, both mentally and physically. I am definitely going again.

2) Backache – I was hoping to put this off for a bit longer. But this last week it has playing me up something terrible. Another way of my body taking control and making me lie down and do some relaxation.

Oh any tips on dealing with the headaches and backache would be much appreciated.

Making me time

Yes I’ve realised it’s high time I made time for me and my baby Boyo, I’m relaxing more, have work in better perspective and as of Thursday evening I’m going back to the Active Birth classes I went to first time around.

Pacing yourself through pregnancy is easier said than done

Photograph of abdomen of a pregnant woman

Image via Wikipedia

I’ve been very conscious while having a demanding lifestyle of working full-time and having a toddler in tow, to pace myself throughout this second pregnancy, but it’s so much easier said than done. The fact that because its your second child and people seem to take less notice, doesn’t help the situation – it just infuriates me.

Being super-pregnant-woman
Second time around, you can no longer sit back and relish in the joys of being pregnant. If I’m honest being pregnant is not as enjoyable this time around. I don’t have time to relish in every kicking moment and relax as much as I need to. The honest truth is, its b***dy hard work working full-time, having a clingy toddler that senses something is going on, and trying to take care of yourself and the baby you are growing. The truth is, doing this all day every day without a faultless step is never going to happen.

The well-meaning worriers
Maybe you know what it is like when you have well-meaning worriers or people who are overly sympathetic and gushing when you are going through times of difficulty? On one hand you want people to understand that you are not finding it all so easy, on the other side you don’t want people unnecessarily worrying and causing you more stress – as a result you end up shielding them a little from your struggling reality. The truth is you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Its harder with a toddler in tow
Yes it is so much more tiring being a busy pregnant mum with other children to take care of. Some people expect you to find it easier because its your second, but don’t factor in everything else that you now have to take care of.

Clingy toddler issues
Babe is about two and a half years old and she has always been a mummy’s girl – we have a wonderfully close relationship, which I wouldn’t trade for the world. But she has recently got more clingy again, and guess what gets the blame – the breastfeeding! It’s always the scape goat. But from what I understand its normal for toddlers to get clingy at this age, and particularly if mama is pregnant.  It’s tough for onlookers cause they want to help me, and its tough for me because I want help – but not at the expense of upsetting my daughter and causing her more separation anxiety issues. Someone even muted to me that I was inflicting this upon myself.

Some rest
It is natural for people who care about you to want to solve all your problems, but the truth is you are still a mummy and still work and life goes on. Sometimes it’s just important to take a step back, see the bigger picture and have a break.

Capturing the essence of camping – pictures by Doodlemum

I’m a big fan of blogger Doodlemum, who recently did a couple of great posts on camping. I love them so much I asked her if I could share them with you all – and she happily obliged. Above is a picture capturing how a parent keeps their child entertained while camping without toys.

This is how she describes herself
37, short, defensive, far too chatty for my own good, mother, artist, noisy, chocolate loving and permanently tired. (I know,  how many bloody adjectives do I need…)

Happy Campers -by Doodlemum


If you liked these pictures why not skip over to her blog and see more of Doodlemum’s daily scribbles