Baby name battle soon to commence

The day has come around, we are off for our second scan at 11.50am and this time we want to see all – pink or blue? Bloke or bird? Sister or brother? Son or daughter? Then the name debate will begin, gloves off! Last time around we spent hours wrangling over names, tearing our hair out in frustration as one falls in love with a name only for the OH to reject it point blank in disgust. I’m all for the more unusual and hubby the more conservative (says a lot about us both). Together we reach a happy medium on so many levels, baby names included.

If it’s a boy we have a simple short list, already whittled down from last time around. If it’s a girl, it’s going to be another ball game all together. Gum shield and padding or muzzle and choker, maybe required.


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