Brewing a blue one – we’re having a boy!

My New Baby by Rachel Fuller

If you hadn’t already heard the bun in my oven is blue testosterone flavoured. I’m over joyed that we’ll have a family of one of each but I’m a little disappointed that the girls won’t out number the boys and we can’t argue for the toilet seat to be put down all the time. I also have a feeling that this little mister is going to be super mischievous, like his daddy. How am I going to cope with Mr and Master Mischief in the house?!

On a very shallow level, I’m glad I have an excuse to buy more baby clothes. Although I’ll be trying to die as much of babe’s stuff green and blue as I can. Who says my boy can’t wear pink anyway? Maybe just in secret at night? Maybe just his babygro underneath? Or is that cruel? I like to think it’s a good bit of healthy encouragement not to be too worried about conforming. Not sure hubby would see it that way. His boy dressed in pink…ah well if not I have the perfect reason to spend money and shop 🙂

Babes reaction

For weeks I’ve been asking babe if she wants a baby boy or girl. She’s always said girl, but I think that might because she is familiar with the word. Boyo (that’s what I’m going to refer to him as I think), asked mummy to buy a book for babe and so I presented it to her on return from the childminders after the scan. Following some explaining and suggesting that she might want to thank baby boyo for asking mummy to buy this, she leaned down said “thankyou baby for book”, pulled up my top and kissed the baby boyo belly. My heart melted. I hope this is a sign of the good feelings to come. The characters in the book also happen to look very much like us all – and mama is regularly seen breastfeeding and babywearing the baby. It’s called My New Baby and you can find it on Amazon here.

The name debate
I’m glad to report this is less of debate but more of a gentle discussion. We already think we might have agreed on the first name, now to get the right middle name. Hubby takes the task of finding the right name very seriously and has already put in the hours on research. I simply tell him if the options are ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Or usually it’s “urgh that’s awful” or “oh yes I love it”

The practicalities
It did occur to me early this morning as I lay awake tossing and turning thinking about work, that this is going to mean in the long run an extra bedroom will be required.


2 thoughts on “Brewing a blue one – we’re having a boy!

  1. Amy says:

    Oh this is so exciting! Just prepare yourself for the toilet seat battles now. Once he starts training, you’ll never sit on the seat again without checking for puddles first! But in the early diaper years, the PeePee Teepee will be one of your best investments! 😉

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