The toddler and the toilet


Image by Gerard Stolk en route via Flickr

Babe who is still not even two and a half is now using the toilet on her own, often without a step stool or her special toilet seat. Although she is taller than average, it is still a long way up to the toilet seat. But somehow she manages to hoist herself up, shimmy herself into position and then jump off when done.

The latest development in this is that sometimes she likes to go to the toilet on her own. Mummy and daddy are pushed away and told “five minutes”. She then disappears into the bathroom and closes the door. If you should so much as open it a crack she shouts back “no no, go way”. A few minutes later she walks out looking very grown up and pleased with herself. She hasn’t quite mastered it all yet though, most of the time she forgets to pull her knickers (or knick-on as she calls them) and trousers up – and hand washing is almost always disregarded.

Time for regular toilet cleaning
Since being a full time working mum, regular toilet cleaning is one of those tasks that often slips, until it looks so minging that it becomes a public health hazard and the toxic waste clean-up team is needed. But I’m proud to tell you that I have mended my sloppy housekeeping toilet cleaning ways, that stockpile of special offer toilet cleaner is being put to good use.


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