Afraid of an ugly baby

Am I the only pregnant woman out there that has this shallow fear that their baby might ugly?

Don’t you just hate it on those occasions when you bump into someone you know with a baby and it’s an ugly one? Instead you lie and say how delightful he or she is.

I was one of those ugly babies until I was well over sixth months, had fattened up a bit and acquired the cutie chubs look. Since seeing this picture of myself in my sisters arms as a wee one, I’ve always had this underlying fear.

Babe and mama in the very early days

With babe, we did good. But maybe mummy is always biased? Although I’ve included a picture here of babe when she was first born I do not wish to know if you agree, the truth is I don’t want to hear it if you disagree. If mummy is guaranteed to have rose-tinted glasses on I don’t mind. I just hate the thought of looking down on my own creation and secretly thinking, ooo you are a bit of an ugly one aren’t you.

So is anyone else afraid of giving birth to an ugly baby?

And do you think no matter what, mummy will always think her baby is pretty/handsome?


3 thoughts on “Afraid of an ugly baby

  1. Lewis says:

    How do ya think an ugly guy feels!
    I think that beauty is an opinion an one person my think something is beautiful where another doesn’t. Check out this post on my blog..Just remember it’s only a bit I’d fun! Meet my son/daughter

  2. Andg says:

    I was so afraid I would have a ‘homely’ baby when I was pregnant! To be completely honest my Buddy Bear was not a looker when he was a newborn but we loved him and he has definitely grown cuter as he gets older. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had thoughts like this!

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