The Toddler Questions Have Begun


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It’s started, we are not quite at the stage of “why, why why” but I feel it on the near horizon.

Instead we are getting a repeated set of two questions:

1)      What’s that noise?
2)      What you doin?

These two questions alone are not too bad, but it is the fact that Babe won’t accept your first answer, your second or even your third. Particularly with the first question about “what’s that noise?”

So first I respond with a simple answer:

“It’s a car”
Then “It’s a car driving by”
Then “It’s a car driving by the house darling” (through gritted teeth)
Then “It’s the engine of the car driving by the house”
And “It’s the sound of the pistons, combustion, exhaust etc in the engine of the car driving by the house”
Finally – arghhhhhh “It’s a car, OK!”

Sometimes this can go on for 10-15 times, and then I realise that she’s having a laugh at mummy’s expense…


2 thoughts on “The Toddler Questions Have Begun

  1. I feel ya!! Monkey’s incessant questions drive me batty. “what’s that mummy?” “what’s it dooo?” “what you doin’ mummy?” even if he knows full well what it is, what it does and what I am doing haha.

    It’s a good thing they’re so cute 😉

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