Gardening with a toddler

Getting all green fingered with a toddler is a fun but very messy business – and somewhat treacherous for the plants involved.

The pretty bit

This year I started on the ‘pretty but not practical’ route – ie petunias over potatoes. And the first of the flowers are now starting to come out thanks to the delightfully sunny and showery weather we’ve been having recently. I’d like to say that all got the same treatment, but in Babe’s eyes some plants (to quote George Orwell) are more equal than others. Some since being potted up, have been covered randomly in soil. And I’ve had to do my very best at delicately trying to coax them into the idea of continuing to grow.

Don’t weed in front of a toddler
You might recall my gardening challenges with babe last year. Apart from the other burying issue mentioned above, we also face the challenge that she is not able to tell between a weed and our precious little bloomers. I learned this the hard way and I’m fearing that the two that endured the uprooting experience might have now given up the idea of flowering. The rest in the pot seem to be standing by in loyalty or they’ve been observing the way that Babe has been treating the other flowered plants – with curious random prodding and poking.

Baby bath tomatoes
Just before the recycle truck trundled away with our old scanky baby bath, I had a brain wave – to turn it into the new tomato growing tub. They still look a bit sad as Babe manhandled them into the soil on Saturday, but I feel confident that they will fight on to bring us our fruit. I’d run out of space for the cucumber in the bath, so I have made a make shift pot from the compost bag. Yes – not the most attractive, but cheap and practical. I can’t justify spending more money on home-grown veg than I would pay in the shops!

The ugly bit

So what are you growing this year? And what is your most creative potting solution?


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