24 Weeks Pregnant


Image by mikaelf via Flickr

OMG just 16 weeks till due date to go!

On one hand I’m thinking, that LONG, my back is killing me and I know it’s going to get worse.

On the other hand I’m thinking, is that ALL, I’m not ready for our lives to be turned upside down. Not to mention the the sleep deprivation that comes from nursing a newborn around the clock and dealing with a toddler who has is trying to adjust to sharing the top podium with another.

And still some people exclaim at how small I am
Small, I feel bloody massive already. I know in the grand scheme of things I’m not, but everything is relative to me and what I’m used to. This morning one lady even stated that she didn’t like to ask if I was pregnant, just in case. Surely there is no debating the issue now, it’s clear cut – this is a baby belly, not from my cake consumption. Then said lady of 75, decided to impart her secret of having a good marriage after children – sex and lots more sex. Hmm, my response was, must try harder (thinking where does one find the time?) Needless to say the OH felt her advice was excellent.

24 weeks pregnancy ailments
1) Headaches – apparently they are hormonal brought on by doing too much and having too much stress. My body’s way of taking control and making me do less and focus on my pregnancy more. Not sure whether to thank it for being sensible and making my decisions for me or to curse it for the timing. It was the perfect justification for my pregnancy massage on Friday – which I should add should be seen as an essential for any pregnant woman, both mentally and physically. I am definitely going again.

2) Backache – I was hoping to put this off for a bit longer. But this last week it has playing me up something terrible. Another way of my body taking control and making me lie down and do some relaxation.

Oh any tips on dealing with the headaches and backache would be much appreciated.

Making me time

Yes I’ve realised it’s high time I made time for me and my baby Boyo, I’m relaxing more, have work in better perspective and as of Thursday evening I’m going back to the Active Birth classes I went to first time around.


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