The reality of a pregnancy migraine


Image by tjmwatson via Flickr

Is a place I don’t want to go back to in a hurry!

Last night I can confidently say I experienced my first ever migraine and it wasn’t pretty. I had the works, intense roving pain around my head, sun spotted vision, tears, topped off by being violently sick.

Where did it come from?
No where, I was enjoying a nice chilled out evening and had just got Babe off to sleep when it kicked off good and proper.

I can’t say nowhere entirely I guess. I’d suffered from a headache of varying intensity throughout the day but had managed to get it under control and even do some good work. I though the headache haze was passing until the sun spotty vision started after my bath with Babe.

The vision alone was no biggy, I lay down on the sofa and took it easy. Then took Babe up for her bedtime nursing session, which was delightfully relaxed and she dropped off early. I descended the stairs to enjoy a bit of tv and by the time I reached the living room the pain in my head was taking hold. After crashing on the sofa for a matter of a few minutes I realised that I needed to do more to resolve this and went up to bed. By this point I was getting ready to pull my hair out (in fact I think tugging on my hair even seemed mildly soothing momentarily).

From bed-rest I tried garden fresh air, but couldn’t face the exposure of being huddled up on our very exposed garden steps rocking back and forth as tears streamed down my face. Back to bed rest, to the dash for the paracetamol. Even if it hadn’t helped my previous headaches I felt I need to try everything again.

Then the sudden sickness
Nausea from the pain had been welling and then just when I thought I might be making a small amount of progress, it notched up a gear. The OH was a little concerned at this point and was worrying about my well-being (yes he is sweet like that) and miscarriage. A quick google a few minutes prior had quelled my concerns and made me realise that migraines in pregnancy are quite normal/common. I also recalled one of my twitter pals telling me recently that she had experienced such an intense stress headache that she threw up.

Sitting it out
After barfing up my delightful homemade pizza (what a waste and sorry perhaps a bit too much info there), things slowly got better and I managed to go to sleep. Funnily enough my bedtime backache was not bothering me at all.

So what’s the cause?
From my Internet research on migraines in pregnancy, they can be caused by various things:

A) exhaustion/tiredness – but hold on I wasn’t overtly tired, no gland aching issues and I’d slept really well the night before.
B) stress – but I’d not been feeling stressed that day. I’d been careful with work and Babe had not flipped out into a pre bedtime hissy fit to put me in a bad place.

What the doctor said
This morning I trundled back to the doctors and she asked whats my concern. Erm I’m in pain and don’t seem to know what to do about it, surely simple? She was not my regular doc and I didn’t feel like we had a good rapport going on. The upshot is, blood pressure normal, eyes look normal and her conclusion was that’s its a hormone induced headache. She reassured me that I could just be going through a phase and to continue doing all the good stuff I already was.

Not sure if I feel good about that conclusion or not…good I guess…


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