Something brewing with the toddler

day seventy five | I'm a little tea pot..

Image by I Are Rowell via Flickr

Only a couple of days ago I was thinking to myself, how fortunate we had been that Babe had enjoyed such a long spell of healthiness, and thank goodness since neither the OH or I have been on great form these last few weeks.

I think just my thinking this lowered her immune system and there is something definitely a brewing. Since Wednesday she’s not been quite right, if you caught her on a good moment you’d be none the wiser, but catch this child at tea time and you’d think the devil had taken up residence. Now I know tea time for little ones is the witching hour (or two or three) but this is behaviour in another league.

She is determined to sleep when getting home from the childminders late afternoon for at least an hour but usually getting there is a bit of a battle. She wants nursing on the sofa first, and I refuse because nursing on lying down on the bed is so much nicer on my pregnant back. Then alas I give in because she is in such a tizzy, and she refuses to move and just wants to stand on the spot and sob. After scuffling around she relents to sleep, and I attempt to wriggle away from her latched on sharp teeth to retreat to get some more work done. This takes a while…she’s not giving up mummy snuggles easily.

I slope downstairs (having successfully transferred her upstairs mid nursing session earlier) to crack on with more work and then hear she has woken once more and is not a happy bunny. Upon reaching the bed she yells at me “go way, no mummy” “mummy mummy”. She seems totally confused, so I lie down with her and nurse again and after some flailing about she drifts back off to sleep and refuses to be roused again till gone 5pm.

She wakes up grumpy and hungry and a fussy eater – eats all my fish and chicken (on two different evenings) and smears mushy peas on the carpet (I wish I had laminate in our dining area). After the eating battle she settles down and all is at peace in the house. She is happy to play and is generally a chipper little bee. Bed time is inevitably a bit later than usual, but not as late as I would ordinarily expect for a late elongated nap of this nature.

It’s not just tea time, she is easily upset and frustrated and gets all wound up at the slightest thing. And it all started with a high temperate on Wednesday so I know it’s not just her playing up and being a trying toddler.

So now I keep my fingers crossed that she is successfully fighting whatever nasty virus is making her so grumpy or hope that it’s not contagious and I can pack her off to the childminders again next week. That makes me sound heartless, but really I just want my all time happy go lucky little girl back.


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