Touched by random act of kindness from the Toy Society

I love random acts of kindness, they are so touching and inspire you to be or at least want to be a better person. Babe was the recipient of such a sweet kind of organised random act of kindness by Jopsy from the Toy Society at the weekend.

The story of Bongo
Coming out of the toilets at our local farm shop (having nearly exposed mummy to the room with premature door opening), we found a stray little fellow sat lonely and sad in a zip lock bag next to the sink. Inside the bag was a tag that said in bold writing TAKE ME HOME I’M FREE

I looked around, no other children were in the loos it must be left for Babe.

*Hush* And the cheap part of me glowed at the word FREE. I feel a little bad about this if truth be told, but I’ve northern frugal roots. It’s genetic I’m sure. And nothing comes free in this place, this is no rough and ready farm shop, its quite posh and pricey.

Bongo which we felt was an apt name, is one of the cutest little odd looking felt fellows you have seen.

The note inside asked for us to give this monster a good home and if possible to contact the Toy Society informing them that he was safe and sound. I immediately thought of Paddington Bear journeying from Peru.

After finding the images above on Flickr, I have since realised that I probebly bumped into Jopsy. The second image is apparently a bit blury because she got caught doing the drop. Perhaps she expected us to be faffing around in the toilet for a bit longer.

If you were of the cynical nature you might say that these items could just as well have a bomb in them. But come on, that is just 22 century paranoia taking over. I’m pleased to say that Bongo does not ‘tick’ or smell strange. He has clearly just been born and just needs some loving and caring.

If you are interested in becoming a maker creator toy sewing donator you can get involved where ever you are in the world. Just go check out their website (link below).

So if you find this blog post Jopsy, a big thank you. Babe is taking good care of Bongo. Here he is chilling out with Colin the caterpillar.


The Toy Society is a global charity and have their own blog and dedicated Flikr pages – anyone can get involved.


One thought on “Touched by random act of kindness from the Toy Society

  1. So lovely that you found the toy and posted about it!

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