Toddler Beach Day

Yesterday, the start of our ‘staycation’, we decided to make the most of the summer sun (before the inevitable week of rain) and head off down one of the local beaches – Exmouth.

Gearing up and shipping out for a beach trip is usually somewhat fraught, but not so on this day. I came downstairs to find coffee awaiting me and bacon being fried. Babe had not suddenly advanced, it was actually hubby being spat at by the pig in the pan. What a great start to the day, bacon and egg sarnies. And I’ve got to admit, he cooks it so much better than me. I’ve not the patience required for the perfect crispy but not tooth breaking bacon.

After some time of the usual faffing around we headed off.

Once at the beach we set up camp, literally. With our new beach shelter come tent thingamabob. If we weren’t going camping for real this would have to do.

Guess who had forgotten the bucket and spade?

This was not an issue until Babe saw the other little’uns with them and all of a sudden felt immensely deprived. I nearly caved in and bought another set but managed to distract her with a twig. Of all things…she was happy to dig and flick for a good 15 minutes while I worked on my back up plan.

Who needs a bucket and spade when you have a plastic tub
This currently had grapes and chopped pineapple in, but our late morning snack sorted that out. And so she was presented with her own unique, perfect Babe-sized bucket and spade, and she swallowed the marketing spiel nicely. She dug away with her spade lid and we made brilliant little stubby sand castles with the tub.

Then to give Babe her first rockpooling experience. At first she was cautious and then when she thought there was poo to play in, a whole different level of enthusiasm kicked in. I did try to explain that sand and water wasn’t poo, but she was having none of it. What is this thing about toddlers and their obsession with poo, or is that just Babe?

After other highlights of the day, like motorbike watching, we headed off home.

So let’s hope that we don’t get rain for all the rest of our staycation. Maybe someone could have a word with the weatherman.


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