Loving the Staycation

Dartmouth, Devon

I’ve got to confess I’m loving our staycation, but I think the success of it is that we are strict in keeping in mind that it is a holiday. No cleaning…to the extent that I woke up in the middle of the night feeling guilty about not cleaning the toilets for a week and a half (saddo I know). The guilt wore off by the time I got up though, hey we’re on holiday. So now when I’ve got 30 minutes to myself while hubby goes for a run and Babe sleeps to either:

a) Read my new Ian M Banks Scifi book (yes I’ve found time to read)

b) Clean the toilets and that mound of dishes (all pretty gross)

c) Blog (and here I am opting for the later)

So here are what I would summarise as the keys to success of staying at home and holidaying

1) No cleaning, unless essential. Well we all need clothes to wear and glasses to drink out of. But the manky shower can wait till at least the weekend.

2) Get out the house for a least four hours each day, whole day if poss.

3) Splash out on the holiday treats (if you can afford it) like meals out, ice creams at the beach and new clothes/stuff. I’ve yet to get my allocation, but we have a few more days left. The other half got some Maui Jim sunglasses, so if fair is fair, then I am due something pretty good.

4) Buy nice foodie treats for at home. Magnum ice creams are on special offer at Sainsbury’s at the moment, so these are a particular favorite of mine this week.

5) Do things out of the ordinary on your day trips. For example, one evening instead of staying home for tea, we headed off to the beach to eat fish and chips (and the must have northern accompaniment mushy peas).

And all the time we say “why don’t we do this more often?”

Why don’t we? I don’t know, it’s too easy to get stuck in the routine and rut of staying home and being boring.

Off to wake up the child or else it will be midnight before she drifts off.


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