3 Months Due Today – Preparations Behind

Hearts and butterflies for a boy

Falling behind schedule….that’s my life at the moment – work, home, everything. Playing catch-up is not a practice I like to live by.

If we are going by due date and calendar month, I can officially say we have three months to get our ship in order before baby Boyo is due to hit the decks. The shopping has not yet begun (apart from a vesty thing from Gap’s sale) and we have generally done very little to get anywhere near ready. The naming debate continues and so it goes on…

Making old new
But I did make a start last week, by dying various items suitable for boy blue. A few items still look a bit girly like the bib and vesty thing shown in the picture above, but who’s going to notice or be bothered. The movement of bringing up gender neutral kids (so they can decide themselves WTF!) would love these items I’m sure.

I’m well impressed by Dylon’s machine dyes, the colour is even, it was no hassle and it went much further than the packet said. Given that I had put double the quantity of clothes in the dye batch to achieve a strong navy colour I thought it would come out a pale blue. I was a little fearful that some residue might come out in clothes I washed afterwards, but the whites I did today so far have no traces…although I’ve yet to empty the machine totally so perhaps I’m jumping the gun on that a little.

Getting big
I am big honest, it’s kind of nice when people ask when I’m due and say I’m so small,  but on the other hand I just want them to acknowledge how pregnant I really do look. Only really hubby is good at this, but in a bad way. His way with words is not great, and these things usually come out sounding like an insult. If he strikes me at a particularly hormonal moment, I don’t respond well. Which usually goes like this “I am NOT fat, I’m lovely pregnant round. See this, just the baby bump OK…OK, so shut it!”

Lesson peoples: Do not cross the hormonal pregnant woman. It gets so much worse than this believe me.


One thought on “3 Months Due Today – Preparations Behind

  1. Doodlemum says:

    Hee hee, I remember how very grumpy I got. It get’s worse towards the end too :))) I hope you enjoy your shopping for this little one.

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