Camping with toddler while 31 weeks pregnant

Yes we did it! We ventured out into the not so wilderness of a delightful campsite in Devon to enjoy nearly three full days in the sun watching the rabbits a hoppin and listening to the birds a tweetin. It was fantastic but knackering for all involved, except Babe who just lapped up the whole experience.

Poor hubby is exhausted, we worked him hard. Being 31 weeks pregnant my active set up and pack down assistance is somewhat limited. My very loud pregnant snoring did not help the situation for him neither. My sleep apnea gets worse when I get fat…pregnant. It’s also worse when fatigued, as I was on the second night because Babe had woken me for a good two hours the night before upset because of her nettle stings.

Babe had the best time and we managed the trip without any arguments, despite the fatigue. Tantrums from every corner were almost non-existent, but we all joined in with Babe whining on occasions.

Toilet issues seem to be one of the most memorable aspects of the trip for me, for many reasons…

The excitement on the first day and a half meant that Babe forgot about going to the toilet until she had leaked a little. I only bought the bare essentials of underwear for her because I was behind on the washing. It soon got to a wash and wear situation, which made me particularly thankful for the good weather.

Pooing is a bit of a problem though. The rule is only to poop in the proper toilet, not our fab tent toilet. But that is easier said than done with Babe. It can take her a good couple of hours to work up to it, which usually requires many trips to the loo and dancing around in circles…the poo dance. So I spent a lot of time hiking back on forth to the toilet block for her only to get there and declare that she didn’t need to go after all. Luckily largely these trips were not wasted. Now baby Boyo is getting larger my bladder is feeling the squeeze and I would be seriously scorned upon by hubby if I were to use the tent toilet in the day, as he is the one having to do ALL the lifting and carrying at the moment, which also involves loo emptying (usually my job). I was already doing a good enough job of filling it up at night 🙂

Babe’s other trick was to be heading over to the on site toilet block for a pee, but to stop part way to pull her pants down and squat. Now I was super proud of her when out on a walk on Sunday and she managed to squat and pee in the bush all on her own “like a big girl”. But in the middle of the field outside this same couple’s tent (each time the same spot), I was not so proud.

The not so big rip off day out
The MIL recently told us that Babecomb Model Village was a great place to go, hubby also had fond childhood memories, so off we trotted for the day out. Cut that, that should read, morning out. We were fleeced. Paid nearly a fiver for four hours car parking of which we only used two. Then paid nine squid per adult for entrance. I’m not saying it wasn’t enjoyable, cause it was. But not nearly a tenners worth! Babe was also a bit young for it too, and got a little bored. So if you’re holidaying in Devon, my advice is give it a miss unless you have a massive desire to see a petrol station in miniature.

The campsite
If you are thinking of coming to the South West (UK) camping, the campsite we stayed at called Dornafield is THE place to book up for. No swimming pool but two playgrounds, massive plots, great facilities (won loo of the year last year and given how much I frequent them at the moment, that’s quite an important factor), nice on site shop and fantastic onsite wildlife (rabbits and birds). It’s quite expensive for tents, but electricity is included and it’s worth the extra.

So who else is off camping this summer?


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