The business of being 32 weeks pregnant

Cankles, back ache, a return in the frequency to pee and sleep, kicking crazy, baby brain and being out of breath. This nonsensical sentence captures the symptoms that are blighting my life right now at 32 weeks pregnant.

But in many ways I think this is one of the most enjoyable times of being pregnant
I feel big but at least people know I’m pregnant, I also know the end is nigh and can start to get excited about ‘labour day’. The kicking is still not painful, but strong enough to make you sit up, take notice and smile. For me the kicking bit is the best thing about being pregnant; me and my little baby that I’m growing. Nothing gets more basic and close than this.

Cankles, well I mean puffy feet, are a new thing to me this time around. I can only wear flip-flops, even when it rains I wear my flip-flops. Thank goodness it’s summer. Mind you, I might not suffer if there was a winter chill, like when I had Babe in December 2008.

Back ache, that’s the lower spinal ligament discomfort. Seems that a desk job is one of the worse things for it. But at least I can keep in mind that I only have a month left…woop woop!

More pee for me, it’s started, the slippery slope of needing to pee every other minute as the bladder gets squished down to the size of a walnut (that is a guess but you get my drift). I’m often ok until I stand and then it hits me, wooha where is my mama nappy?

Kicking crazy, but it still remains fairly gentle. Although during the last day or so I have noticed that his muscle tone is building…just watch my ribs Boyo!

Over heating, but luckily as our summer has been rather limited so far, I’ve not suffered massively. But on the days it has been fairly hot, I’m finding it really hard to regulate my body temperature. If a heat wave should come, I might have to set my laptop up by a paddling pool. Trust me I’d drop it in the water, so perhaps not. I wouldn’t like to explain that one to the IT guys at work, particularly as it’s less than six months old.

Sleep, I’m getting more and more tired. It’s more of a lethargic tiredness, but also really kicks in with any physical activity.

Baby brain, thinking straight is getting harder, remembering things is getting tougher, being intelligent is impossible. I’m resigning myself to being like this for at least the next six months.

Out of breath, huff, puff, chuff…pant, stop, sigh. Walking, a flight of stairs and even lying or sitting down. I need this baby to drop, it might mean I need to pee even more but at least breathing will be easier.

Finally on an emotional level I’m getting more excited, but more fearful of the realities of coping in the first few months with a baby and toddler. I’m working on a post about that one, so tips much appreciated.

Left and head down, I’m really pleased that all the lying and leaning to my left has paid off. He has moved his back over and has his head down. Now he just has to stay that way! I don’t want any 34/35 week breach panics…non of the dangling upside down off the sofa, or burning mugwort near my toes. Curious? Find out more about moxobustion treatment – it’s got a 70% success rate and worked for me.



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