Early sentences from a toddler AKA Babe

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As Babe my daughter of 2.5 years develops her speech, I’ve started to realise how often I use certain phrases. Hearing these comments fired back at you not just by another, but from a little person is one of the funniest things and never fails to make me smile. That is because, as yet, we have not had any embarrassing incidents.

These are just a few that I recall within the last week that have made me smile:

“what is daddy like mummy?” Do I always say this to daddy?

“don’t throw it, do nicely” Does she hear this that often?

“back in a minute” I’ve realised I’m always saying this to fob her off – bad mummy.

“bye bye, I go shopping now” Do we shop that often? Well yes, perhaps we do.

“no, me do it, me big girl” It’s true I do keep encouraging her to be independent and be a big girl.

Then there are also those phrases which she can’t quite get right like…

“I want magner” … She wants a mini magnum ice cream. Took me a while to figure this out.

“where’s woodburer gone mummy” … that’s a wood pigeon.

So it’s all smiles and pride at the moment, but I can feel it welling up…she’s getting ready to embarrass us in a big way. Just recently I remember a comment from a lady I follow on twitter. While she was on the phone to a client of hers, her toddler walked up to her holding her bra and shouted “mummy you’ve got big boobies”. Thanks for that addition to the conversation, perfect timing.

What about you, got any funny stories to share on this topic?


2 thoughts on “Early sentences from a toddler AKA Babe

  1. MummyOfSeven says:

    Oh, bless her. I love it when they start copying our phrases. Bubble is 5yrs old now and comes out with some doozies, usually on purpose and at a time to cause maximum embarrassment.
    He caught me by surprise this afternoon when I got back from the gym and he asked me, “Mummy, have you got rid of your jiggley bits?” I replied that no, I hadn’t, not yet. He said, “Oh good, I like cuddling them.”
    It appears he’d overheard a conversation I had with hubby this morning! Little tyke.

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