A bad case of baby brain in pregnancy

The human brain
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My memory at the moment is diabolical and I’m putting it  down to baby brain.

It’s a scientific thing
I was proudly telling the lady who is doing my maternity cover (as a way to make myself not look so darn stupid), that baby brain is a scientific thing. As I came to write this post and do a bit more digging on the internet I found one of the latest research reports (2009) which says that you do not become less intelligent, in fact in the long run you become more intelligent – woop woop!

AND…Get this; a woman’s brain might change for the better with motherhood. Not get worse!

I also particularly liked the bit that suggested hormonal fluctuations during birth and breastfeeding increase the size of the cells in some areas of the brain, leading to dramatic improvements in mental capacity.

You can read a nice summary of this research on the Daily Mail’s website here.

Brain is remodelling in pregnancy

Turns out (according to this study) that “’While a woman may experience an apparent loss of brain function while she is pregnant, this could be because parts of her brain are being remodelled in preparation for dealing with the complicated demands of child-rearing.” Dr Kinsley of Richmond University in Virginia.

The lady who is doing my maternity cover came up with a great analogy for this, explaining that I am like a computer downloading new software ready for the arrival of my new baby, which is currently taking up all my memory.

Back to my baby brain
The most embarrassing stories of my baby brain have involved me repeatedly forgetting my bank card numbers and leaving the cards themselves in pay machines. The pressure of a meltdown in Lidl from Babe, as I nearly had to put her lolly pop moulds back on the shelf, prompted my faulting memory and I managed to retrieve the four digits from the deepest darkest reaches of my brain just in time.

Then there is just the general forgetfulness like going to the shop to buy bread and getting home with everything BUT bread.

So what is your most embarrassing case of baby brain forgetfulness?


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