Don’t Panic…it’s not such a big deal

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Its a good job I don’t suffer from high blood pressure (in fact I’m very much the opposite), because the last two days just seem to have been a stream of panic stricken moments. Perhaps its my state of mind or just the baby brain letting me fall into the ‘oh shit I’ve forgotten’ trap.

Yesterday promised great things, the sun was shining and I had the lady doing my maternity cover driving to my house to do handover for the day. Not that we actually got to do much handover, as we were dealing with other high priority activities

It started with work and making a silly mistake, which turned out to be nominal, but put me in nice panicked state until a realised that it was no biggy.

The trip to pregnancy yoga and active birth was also a bit fraught as I was running late and the traffic was bad. Amber traffic lights blighted me all the way, largely because of the stupid Audi driver in front who was dawdling. As long as she got through the lights, all was ok. Where as I was muttering to myself “put your foot down you selfish woman, I’ve got two hours of relaxation to fit in. This is MY time, I don’t get it often and want every drop of benefit I can squeeze out of it.” Obviously my stressy driving was not complementary to the class I was about to attend. In fact it took me a good 15 minutes to get my mind off the drive when I arrived…all very counter productive I know.

This morning I woke up lying on my back. Well you will know ordinarily this is fine, but in late pregnancy it’s not advisable because you put strain on a major artery that can prevent blood flow to the baby. So I had a silent stewing 20 minutes lying on my side waiting for baby Boyo to kick. Why I didn’t just pick up my phone to google and tweet straight away I don’t know? Because when I did, my concerns were immediately diminshed….phew. I don’t think I’d been lying like that for too long, but any time on my back gives me terrible back ache too. So today I’ve been left with that niggling reminder as I’ve struggled to get comfortable.

So roll on the weekend and finishing work for maternity leave in two weeks time!


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