Clingy Toddler in Late Pregnancy

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in a blog post that Babe is a lot more chilled out with me on maternity leave and generally we felt she was less needy for my attention all of the time. So I spoke too soon, I now have a high needs toddler, with the needs being focused on mummy.

Last night I tried getting her into her own bed. After two long comfort nursing sessions that failed I gave up, she could sleep and snuggle with me. I’ve been ok with this on the occasions recently, but last night she was the biggest wriggle monster you could imagine. She worked her way off the bed at one point to drop onto the cushions on the floor and remained asleep. For a few seconds I contemplated moving her back onto the bed, but she looked so comfy and I really wanted the bed to myself for a short spell that I left her there. I woke a couple of hours later upon hearing her gently banging her head on the bed frame. She was still asleep but thought now was a good time to get her back into bed (my bed). She seemed to need me to snuggle up to to stay asleep. No nursing was required, merely a snuggle. I’m cool with that as long as she stays put. But she didn’t, wriggle, wriggle, iggle piggle!

In the day she is so clingy, even when it’s just me and her. First thing in the morning she is also wanting a mammoth nursing session, like an hour plus. She is determined there is still milk there an hour in, but surely not. She’s a quick drinker now. I was wondering if it might be colostrum (for baby Boyo due in less than two weeks), and maybe that takes her longer to drink? Yet, I think it’s more likely that she wants the comfort. I’m cool with this morning nursing session in bed as it gives me the perfect excuse to lie back and relax before I need to jump into Babes hugger come entertainer.

It’s the constant neediness throughout the day that can get draining. I do still need to do the dishes and cook tea. Admittedly I resorted to wearing her in the Ergo on my back the other day, just for a few minutes while I moved the dinner along.

I’m convinced this is her knowing Boyo is coming soon and feeling a little insecure. But I’d love to hear about how other older children have reacted in this situation. Better, worse?


38 Weeks Pregnant: Could I be this way for another month?

I had my fortnightly midwife appointment this afternoon and it struck me that there is a possibility that I could be pregnant for another month yet. Can you hear me in the night (over my snoring)? I’m screaming “noooooo” in my sleep. Thankfully I get good sleep so I should be counting my lucky stars, but still I’m impatient so I’m not.

I was pleasantly surprised when talking with my midwife about running over the standard two weeks overdue, to hear that if I wanted this option I would be allowed to discuss it with a paediatrician. Now I know this is contradicting my desire to end being pregnant, but I will not go down the induction route for that reason alone. If the baby needs to cook a little longer then so be it. But yes, sorry, I will whine.

If you could please send me your lovely labor vibes, that would be great!

Late Pregnancy: Come on Baby

I’ve almost had it with being pregnant. Tomorrow I’m 38 weeks and wishing it were the end. Surely this kid is nearly done baking?

The latest development in suffering has started to tip the balance. I’m still sleeping well, but getting increasingly tired, and hence not relishing my time with Babe (my toddler) as much. We’re still having a ball, I’m just finding it much harder than a week and a half ago.

WARNING: Don’t read the next bit if you don’t want to hear about puke.

The arrival of the desire to puke when I lie down is really ticking me off. And it’s not from nausea but a feeling at the back of my throat like my food has not gone down properly. Yet at the same time I’m blooming starving! Just before bed I really need to chow down a bowl full of cereal to keep up my nursing prego mama carbohydrates, but after a chunder incident the other night, I’m airing on the side of no ‘supper caution’. Instead I slope off to bed feeling a little hungry with a cereal bar to shove in my drawer should I wake up totally starving in the night.

The general food thing is driving me mad too, I can’t eat much and then I’m famished again 30 minutes later. I need an all day buffet in my house.

Bedtime is also disturbed by baby Boyo and his evening excersises, it sometimes feels like he is doing ten rounds in a boxing rink and I’m the opponent, except it’s dirty fighting where anything goes – kicks, head-buts, the lot.

So I’m now talking very sweetly (ok, so perhaps not so sweet) to baby Boyo, asking him to get a move on with his fattening up and final lung developments, and then get the hell outta there.

I’d really like him to be a September baby, as I am myself a Virgo. But I’d rather he didn’t make his arrival on my birthday. Which might yet be the case as his due date is a couple of days before. If I were to choose, and I know I can’t, but if I could, he would be born on Friday.

Babe, my toddler was nine days late, I’m really hoping that the theory (or is it an old wives tale?) that the second one is often early, comes through for us. Obviously I don’t want him to be born until all development is complete, and I won’t be forced into early induction at 10 days post due, but all the same I’d like it to be over with shortly.

Come on Boyo the end is nigh, it’s time for our meeting. Please don’t be late, that’s just not polite.

The Storm of the Seagulls

An adult seagull (Larus michahellis)
Image via Wikipedia

Living fairly near to the coast we tend to get quite a lot of those ugly beaky birds called seagulls. Which are renowned for their misdemeanours, wether that is pooping on you, pecking your finger or eating your food. My nearest and dearest have been victims of these winged pooping hyenas over the last few weeks, and I’m sensing they are planning their assault on me very soon. Things come in threes, right?

The first instance was a bowel release on Babe’s knee as we packed our mega weekly supermarket shop into the boot of the car. Fortunately hubby was with me, so I was able to let him continue the heavy lifting to wipe off the mess. Babe seemed pretty unpeturbed by the incident.

Not like the latest attack, which involved a great big fat bully bird diving into hubby’s Big Mac, taking half his burger and attempting to amputate one of his fingers. Said bird had been stalking round our patch and hubby had given it a bit of a talking too and the evil eye. Clearly this only jeered the bird on. Needless to say hubby was not best pleased and neither was Babe who all of a sudden got very protective over her fries and went on to tell all the birds around us how naughty they were.

So I’m standing guard, with a packet of tissues at the ready!

Maternity Leave is Here

Soap bubble
Image by Raphael Quinet via Flickr

Was I ready or what, the challenge of working full-time and being a hands on mama to Babe, my 2.5 year old was taking its toll. I enjoy my job, but it’s a bit manic at the moment so I’m kind of glad to be handing over the reigns during this period. Although it’s arguably going to be one of the most exciting times at work, it will be pretty full on too. So I wave so long to it till 2012 and focus on the real exciting stuff of introducing a new little person into the world.

In the meantime I’ve been enjoying the moment, of spending more time with Babe and getting all those must do jobs done that have been mounting up over recent months. I’m loving being a full-time stay at home mum, devoting my life to entertaining my toddler and cleaning…yes together Babe and I are embracing the cleaning. As I explained yesterday I don’t think this is nesting, just getting the necessaries done before I take leave of bothering about the house. One day last week within an hour we had cleaned all of the hall walls. Admittedly the carpets got a good soaking too, but it was warm enough not to be bothered.

We’ve also had more time for baking. We’ve made scones, cake, onion tart , quiche and more cake to date. I’m feeding my prego grazing habits, trying to stock the freezer up, while trying to find ways to keep Babe entertained. Admittedly it gets messy, in fact we had scone mixture all over the table. So what did I do? Scoop it back in the bowl and splat it altogether. Hey ho, only Babe and I ate them anyway. If I can’t let her have fun while baking, then why bother? Despite their journey to existence, they were pretty yummy too.

Much needed respite
Two days of the week Babe continues to go to the childminders. I like to say this is to allow me to rest, which it partly is; but it also enables me to get certain jobs done that I struggle to do with her under my feet. As she enjoys going so much, I’m also reluctant to take this away from her.  And at the same time, I want to keep this up when the new baby comes and I really need a break from her demands. So generally its a win win, apart from the dent on the bank balance.

Toddler more settled
Since being home more, we’ve found that Babe seems to be so much more settled. The evenings are so much more chilled out, as she is spending less time grappling for my time.  And I in turn spend less time trying to fit her in around doing chores. I am getting her up earlier too, which means that she goes to bed earlier, so hubby and I get to have some much-needed catch up time, even if it’s just to discuss jobs to be done for the rest of the week or concerns we might be having when Boyo enters our lives. There is no doubt that this has also taken the strain off hubby a bit.

We are all so much better for me starting maternity leave.

Nesting? It’s Debatable

People keep asking if I’ve had any crazy nesting instincts yet. The truth is, no. They are all pretty rational things that simply need to get done before our lives turn upside down and I take a cleaning sabbatical as my life becomes all about mothering. Ie nursing and changing nappies, while trying to keep Babe entertained.

For example, the house stuff like cleaning the family bathroom carpet, which has fallen victim to a few too many of Babe’s toilet training accidents. Not that I haven’t been cleaning up as we’ve gone along, but there is a dull ammonia aroma that is really starting to get up my nose.

Then there are the straight forward things that still need to be done, like washing Boyo’s cot bedding and the washable nappies.

I wonder if Babe has started nesting instead? To compensate for my short comings in this area. She loves cleaning. I have multi-surface cleaner diluted in a spray bottle and she enjoys nothing more than spraying the surfaces, cupboards and windows. Which in turn forces me to then wipe them down. My cupboard doors have never looked so sparkly. Her strategy is working well.

Today I’ve reached full term, in other words 37 weeks pregnant. So I’ve plenty of time (I’d like only a week though), to find my inner nesting nerd.

What’s the funniest nesting story you’ve heard.

Or what about your own experience of nesting?

Constant Toddler Chit Chat

At times when Babe is relaxed it feels like we are being exposed to her internal monologue at 50 decibels. She won’t shut up, everything has to be described and we must, oh god help us, MUST acknowledge the questions and statements as they are burbled out so the whole street can hear. Or she will repeat and repeat until we take notice. I’ve learned this quickly to respond with a resounding “yes dear” “no dear” (or “three bags full dear”).

Most of the time it’s OK, that’s as long as your not tired, ill or feeling noise sensitive. I’m not a big noise sensitive person myself, as I too am not the most quiet person. I also admit that I do talk to myself quite a bit. Not in the nutcase way, just in the mildy irritating way.

But this little lady is my talking notched up by 10; in intensity, loudness and general utter crapness. I have a feeling a may have been similar at her age.

Largely cause I’m not suffering too much from any of the above, I find it very cute. Not sure how I’ll be feeling about that in a months time (just over three weeks till due date with baby Boyo).