Soft play birthday craziness

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When I declined my husbands offer to come along to Sundays softplay birthday party I must have forgotten that:

a) I’m heavily pregnant
b) I’d had a crap nights sleep
c) Babe is always clingy till she gets used to her surroundings

I shouldn’t have been surprised that I would need to monkey climb and roll around in the softplay zone until she got comfortable. Ooo oooo aaa aaa (beats chest in gorilla way).

OK so there was a big part of me that really enjoyed it, especially the big ol slide, but the fatigue that kicked in later reminded me that after all I am with child and baby should be about 5lbs by now (as I’m 34 weeks pregnant today).

I was exceptionally glad when Babe latched onto her little friend and was overwhelmed by the cuteness of the two little girls helping each other up over obstacles, joint sliding and holding hands. I was supremely glad of the chance to sit down with a cuppa and vegetate for a small while. That was, until mummy presence was required for pass the parcel.

It was our first time to a proper birthday party, a paid for organised thing at a softplay centre. I was overwhelmed by how organised and smooth the whole affair was. The kiddies were super well-behaved too…I don’t think this is the norm is it?

When I got home I calculated how much this party must have cost the parents. Wow, I hope that we won’t be expected to stump up the cash for so much for one party for our little ones in the future. On that topic, what’s the standard amount you should spend on a birthday present too?



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