Co-sleeping with a newborn and occasional toddler: co-sleeping crib

Troll Co-Sleeper Crib – Available from John Lewis

This time around I’m going to embrace co-sleeping with the wee one from word go. I was sooo afraid of dropping to sleep with my first one lying next to me, or me falling to sleep with her in my arms – it was crazy. I’m kinda angry at how misinformed I allowed myself to be on this topic, it deprived me of so much sleep and can’t have helped our introduction to breastfeeding. It took me months to become comfortable with the idea of sleeping next to my baby with her in my bed.

This time I want it to be different
I want Boyo to have his own space and me mine, but to have the option to sleep next to each other as and when practical. I’ve done lots of research and I’m educated now. Don’t come to me with your scare stories, I’ve read the science and guidelines on how to practice co-sleeping with a baby safely and I’m taking no BS this time. When I explained my intention to my midwife, she said she had to reiterate that they cannot recommend co-sleeping with a baby. I know this is what she HAS to say from a legal perspective, but it still grated on me slightly. And actually this time around, you are NOT going to scare monger me – I haven’t made this decision lightly. I spend quite a bit of time reading up on my parenting choices to make sure that they really are scientifically sound.

One thing I insisted on us getting was a co-sleeping crib and I can’t wait to put it through its paces. What I hated about our former crib was that I could not lie next to Babe and put my hand on her while she slept. Sometimes just some physical contact was all she needed to stay asleep.

I know some of you might ask why bother paying all that money for a co-sleeping crib, but I thought long and hard about this.

a) I can sell it on ebay afterwards

b) I want to have a more co-sleeping conducive sleeping arrangement

  • Yes thought of a mosses basket but won’t last as long as crib
  • Unlike mosses basket I can also slide baby in and out of the crib without having to pick up and put back down.

c) I want my own space sometimes…I remember with my first, sometimes I just craved space to stretch out in.

d) If the toddler comes and sleeps in my bed, which about 20% of the time she still does, I want to be able to put the baby in a safe place

e) I don’t want to watch my baby sleep through a set of bars, I want him next to me.

So now the crib is assembled, I feel we’ll all be OK if Boyo should arrive early. Well, I’d rather he waited a month or so really.


3 thoughts on “Co-sleeping with a newborn and occasional toddler: co-sleeping crib

  1. Jehefinner says:

    This was me a little over 5 years ago. An accidental/needs-must co-sleeper the first time around, I’d done my reading and research second time around and put Youngest in a sidecar crib from the word go.

    It was bliss. She slept right nixt to me, close enough to feed without even moving her, but we all had our own space. And when Eldest joined us in the night or first thing in the morning we all had room.

    You’ll wish you’d had one the first time around!

  2. Claire Duberry says:

    LOvely cot.

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