What is going on with this toddler?

Hmm…me is grumpy? Why? Because for the last two days Babe has insisted on staying up until I properly go to bed. And last night she kept me up later…latched on, even after the Internet router had turned off for the night so I couldn’t even tweet and surf while I waited for her to unclamp and let me go.

She’s also been extra clingy, which I don’t mind too much. It’s the carrying thing that screws my back up.

The nose is a bit snotty but is that what it is? Is she under the weather? Or is it the talk of baby coming soon. Last night at one point she said “I don’t like Boyo”. Ooo I guess that’s a reasonable feeling. But still it makes me a bit sad when she says that kind of stuff.

When nursing her to sleep it takes ages, she just wants to stay latched on. It’s a delicate art slipping away while not getting bitten or waking the sleeping child. I’m usually good, but she has been putting my stealthy escape skills to the test the last few nights.

Today I got her up earlier and she napped earlier too, so I’m just hoping and hoping that she goes to bed at a reasonable time.


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