Mountain biking 2 year old on balance bike

Adrenaline junky? I think yes. This little girl of mine I’m sure is going to love mountain biking as much as I used to.

Today we took Babe up to the local forest to have a bash at some of the trails on her Islabikes balance bike. She’s defiantly an off roader kinda girl and was happy charging up and down dale over tree roots and through the brash. At just two and a half years old, I’m immensely proud, who’s mamas girl!

For the last four months she has been getting more and more confident on her balance bike. It really took off when we went camping three weeks ago.

Her ability to correct herself before a potential fall is brilliant. Much better than me in fact. Some people might recall a nasty face smash accident I had about six and a half years ago. Doh, stop looking at the sheep while on single track you stupid woman! I paid the consequences during my trip to A&E to have stitches in my face.

Yes I can’t deny it, I loved all the comments people made about the cute little girl as they rode or walked past. She already looks like a proper little mountain biker in her combats, red motorbike patterned Specialized helmet and off roading toddler bike.

Soon I’m confident we’ll have her riding down the ramps with no feet on the floor.

Who says this kind of stuff is just for boys!


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